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Anyone delivered in a "baby-friendly" hospital?

I just found out that the hospital where I will deliver is certified "baby-friendly." I am a FTM who is FF by choice from Day 1. Wondering how this will go for me--if I need FF documented in my file or something, if I will be harrassed by LCs. Any experiences to share?

Re: Anyone delivered in a "baby-friendly" hospital?

  • I did with this LO and I didn't have any issues. My other hospital had it in my records that I couldn't because my meds but this hospital didn't. I just told my nurses when I got there and they didn't give me a hard at all. I was super stressed about it and only one nurse gave me a hard time, it was during discharge and I just shrugged it off. I had a couple nurses ask just because they were curious and said they were nosey. That made me laugh but they really didn't care as long as my baby was fed. But I never felt harassed I wouldn't worry about but I know how hard that is.
  • My hospital was baby friendly. If you let them know your preferences they won't harass you. On the other hand, I'm not very vocal about what I want. I tried to breast feed and it seemed like every couple hours a new LC was there to see if I needed help. The pediatrition kept telling me to go see a LC too, even after I decided to supplement because I wasn't producing enough. My milk ran out after a few weeks and I'm still harassed. Just let them know and try to be firm. Good luck
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  • With my first I delivered at a "baby friendly" hospital as well. Honestly I loved everything about it except how pushy they were about breast feeding. I told them I wasn't comfortable breast feeding but would pump. They talked me into breadt feeding at first because it would help with the pumping. I had a lot of anxiety while breast feeding because it wasn't what I wanted to do. I begged a few nurses to let me have formula but they kept pushing the breadt feeding. The second night I cried all night and my little guy was crabby because he wasn't getting anything. Finally my morning nurse came in and felt so bad for me she rushed off and got formula. 

    This time I plan to be firm from the beginning and say I'm formula feeding. I'm bringing my own 2oz pre made bottles so there are no hassles. My Son is healthy and happy and he was formula fed from day one. I know I'm doing the right thing for my situation. 
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  • I delivered at a baby friendly hospital, and there was some pressure to breast feed.  Although I initially did want to breastfeed, I wasn't producing enough milk so I was asked to supplement with formula at the hospital.  I did feel like they were super pushy about meeting with the LC to try and increase my supply.  At one point the LC literally started "milking" me, which was wayyy too much.  At the end of the day, it's your body and your baby, and as long as your baby is getting the nutrition that he/she needs, it's no one else's business how you want to raise/feed your baby.

    When I finally decided to stop trying to breastfeed it was a super emotional and stressful thing that really took away from my joy of being a new mom, and I think part of that was due to all the societal pressures to breastfeed.  I applaud those who make the choice to breastfeed, and are able to make it work for them, but there is nothing wrong with formula feeding, and no mother should be made to feel bad/guilty about choosing formula.  Just be clear about the choice that your making and don't let anyone try and make that decision for you.

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