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Baby's First Cold

I wasn't prepared. I had no idea. This cold (combined with teething and immunizations) has been the hardest thing we've come up against yet. We were already sleep deprived because she was waking so much while teething and now we are taking turns holding her all night while she wakes every 30 minutes and starts crying. She has been throwing up because she can't breathe and no amount of steam shower, nasal spray, humidifier, nose frida or cold tablets are doing the trick. She throws up whenever we try to give her Motrin and insists on spitting out the Tylenol. There were a few hours last night that I wasn't sure I was going to make it (I have the cold too). How did I have no clue how awful it would be when she got her first cold? Truly praying my way through this one. My poor miserable baby.

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  • Hope you guys start to feel better soon !!! It's rough that's for sure and I can't imagine being sick at the same time as baby. Hang in there mama you've got this !!! 
  • I don't know if you have a similar item, but the brand of Tylenol here in the uk (calpol) does a lavender and chamomile plug in which decongests overnight. It saved me when LO had a cold a few weeks ago. It's basically a naturally scented vapour plug in for babies.

    hang in there, she will get better soon 
  • :(

    That's awful. I feel for you guys.

    Mine was sick with a nasty bug in July. After the first couple of days when he was awake and fussy and coughing and vomiting - and we were all miserable - he had a few days where he just slept and slept and slept. I hope you get the same!!!
  • Sending prayers for you two to heal quickly! 
  • Prayers! It's rough when babies get sick. 
  • Saying prayers too for you both! So sorry :( 
  • It is SO rough when mom and baby are both sick. Pure torture. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. 



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  • Thank you all! Just after the first night of being sick, the second night was so much better! She slept 7 hours propped up in our bed (we don't normally co-sleep) and then slept on me another hour or so before waking up. I didn't have to clear her nose at all during the night. Today has been good too. We've been clearing her nose every so often and she did vomit a few times from not being able to breathe well but she seems to be getting better. Really hoping she sleeps well tonight too!
  • Oh my goodness! That sounds awful  :s. I hope last night was better and you're through the worst (and those stupid teeth!!!)
  • So I wanted to revive this thread as I am curious how many colds/viruses your little ones have gotten so far? We just contracted our second cold but are handling it MUCH better than the first one. It's still pretty miserable though. Last time she got a double ear infection at the end of her cold so hoping that doesn't happen this time.
  • We have had two. Second was much easier to deal with 
  • The first time he got sick was in July, a couple weeks after starting daycare. It was pretty bad. Fever for days, vom, congestion, coughing, etc. 

    Since then he has been congested on and off, so several bugs I'm guessing, but nothing that's really bothered him except a 1-day low-grade fever in October and a few days of fussing after. Probably a sore throat.

    Not bad.
  • My son is just now getting over his first cold after about 2 weeks
  • My son has not been sick at all yet... he is getting a little cough though. Not sure if it's from all the drool since he's cutting his first teeth now or what. I hope he don't get a cold. 
  • Caleb is probably on his 3rd cold now. His current one has been pretty continuous since the middle of September (guessing from my older ones bringing it home from school). He gets better for a few days or so and then it hits him again. Luckily no recurring ear infection from the one he had in September.

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  • James has had a couple of viruses, with fever and rash. Just one cold so far, though it took forever to go away. His daycare provider and I had it too and it hung on and on in both of us as well.

    He's been stuffy with a runny nose off and on for over a month. I took him in and they didn't think a virus would last that long, especially with everything else being normal. Now I'm giving him allergy medicine per our nurse pracitioner's recommendations. I think it's helping some...

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  • First cold now for my DS. I have a cold too, chest hurts, coughing, tickling throat, headache. This stinks! 
  • Same @jarob747. LO just came down with ANOTHER cold this evening (just got over our last!) and i am feeling ill too
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    My DS is STILL sick... Second round of antibiotics and now a steroid added. He's miserable:(  I want to take it from him so bad. It breaks my heart
  • Hopefully lo gets better soon"(we just had stomach bug run through our house and lo was the only one who didn't get it.-luckily-
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