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Hi everyone, my husband and I have a dd who is 3.  I was pregnant with her the first month off of the pill.  We have been trying for over a year to conceive number 2.  I have done 2 rounds of clomid so far. DH is going for semen analysis on October 4th so we keep trying until we get those results back before knowing how to proceed.  That's the story in a nutshell!  I believe I need other women who are going through the same thing to speak to.  My DH is amazing and listens all the time but he just believes that it is going to happen one way or another.  I'm fighting more feelings than that.  To top it off, my sister in law just announced she's pregnant with a man that she hasn't been dating that long.  She's excited and I'm trying to be happy for her but it's very hard.  Today just after yet another negative test, she sent me her first ultrasound picture.  I feel guilty for feeling resentful but know that you all know the feeling.  Thanks for reading :)

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  • Hi & welcome. I am sorry you are having issues, but yes, I think we have all had some resentment towards pregnant people at some point. It is so hard to see other women get pregnant with seemingly no struggle while you wait and wait. Good luck with everything.

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  • Hello and wishing you all the luck.  We too have had family members get KU with no effort and then ask us, "so when are you going to have another?"  Ugh.
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  • @brandikoziak Hi *waves* I'm new to the board and just read your post. There hasn't been much going on so I was reading older posts. 
    How did the semen analysis go? My husband had one 2 years ago but my doctor wants him to have another. 
    I've been ttc for 5 cycles, just had another HSG (all clear) and am going for bloodwork next week to check my progesterone level because of a chemical pregnancy 3 cycles ago. 
    I hope you've already gotten your BFP, if not I send you baby dust and hugs.
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