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HDBD 8/31/16

Just a girl and her brother...and a kitty  ;)

Re: HDBD 8/31/16

  • I wish the lighting in this picture wasn't so lousy, but big brother sat in a box and "read" a story to Brynlee. Cutest freaking thing ever...

    Standing in her crib and laughing at my reaction... she's been trying all week to stand without holding onto things.
  • Instagram of Rose during our sunset walk last night.  It was a rare treat, since I'm normally not home that early!  She's looking so big lately!!

  • Spaghetti night. As a mom I now understand why parents don't make spaghetti that often. Even without her clothes it took forever to clean. 
  • she loves when her daddy gives her a bath
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    Sully was 7 months old on Monday. He's already perfected the eye roll!
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  • Freya on a boat! And then a pic my friend got of her. 
  • Bananas are her jam right now. Her sister (5) likes to play with her as if she is her baby doll. Hence the tiara. 
  • Haven't posted a photo in a while (it was a BUSY summer), but here's little Miss Wren with her favorite person...Daddy. Can't believe LO will be EIGHT months old next week!
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