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20 wk scan - Dilated Kidney

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So Wifey and I had to 20 wk anatomy scan... Its a BOY!  but they found a slight dilation in the kidneys 4mm on left kidney and 5mm on right Dr. Said its nothing to be concerned about as its common, but asked if we wanted to do the verfi test as its a soft marker for down... Nuchal risk was very very low according to the dr (talked to him as editing this post).  Has anyone had any experience with this.  Reading all the research shows i shouldn't be worried but the thought it always in the back of my head.  Dr. wanted us to come in for follow up scan next week so we scheduled that.  He couldn't complete the scan since the kiddo wouldn't cooperate anyway.

Any thoughts, insite would be great!
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Re: 20 wk scan - Dilated Kidney

  • No personal experience but it's my understanding that slight kidney dilation is common. Personally I would decline the verfi test since the NT scan/blood test didn't show anything. The kidneys can be watched via ultrasound. 


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  • Thank you, we did the test anyway but even my research found it seems to be a common thing with boys.
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  • Not personally, but I know several friends with u/s showing this issue. Only one had an issue at birth and it was a minor procedure to correct when he was older. 

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  • Thank you, going back tomorrow for a follow up appt, wifey and I are both nervous.
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  • Thinking of you guys, @johnnydro


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  • We are having a girl, but I have a friend who is pregnant right now with a boy. 20 week scan had slight dialation 34 week scan right kidney had doubled. They have decided to induce her at 37 weeks.
  • Wow Thanks for all the support.  We had another scan last week.. All went well.. Still Dilated but doctors arent worried.  Have an OB Appt on Wednesday to go over test results etc....  Some days more movement some days less... all depends on mood lol.  Wifey is tired lately, (she works in retail) so i'm guessing his activity has alot to do with her energy level as well.  
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  • Just saw this.  This is very common in boys.  Usually goes away by the time they are born or with-in the first year.  It can be an early indication of bladder reflux.  This is not a serious as it actually sounds.  I had it as a child and had surgery for it when I was 10.  It is very common in boys and boys tend to grow out of it by the age of 2 with out medical intervention.  If it is reflux be on the look out when he is born for un explained fevers. I asked the pediatric urologist my son went to( he was there for a different issue) how to tell a bladder infection in an infant since they can tell you it hurts when they pee.  He said in frequent urination and fevers.  But also said not to worry as with modern technology reflux is not a difficult to treat as it was 25 years ago with me. Good Luck!!!
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