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Always nervous for Dr appointments

I've already had one ultrasound & heard my babies heart beat twice. The doctor told me everything looks great and the heart beat has always been good, but even knowing all of that I still get nervous when going into a doctor's appointment. I always feel like they aren't going to find a heart beat or see something wrong in an ultrasound. I had a miscarriage last year so I know that has something to do with it, but was wondering if any other mom's are having the same problem and what helped them relax a little bit. 

Re: Always nervous for Dr appointments

  • I always get nervous too and I doubt we're alone. I'm not sure we'll be free of nervousness until the baby is born, and then a new set of worries will begin! All I can say is there is always a possiblity that something is wrong BUT does that make it likely? Nope! It's much more likely that everything is textbook.  Don't worry. Your next appointment will be big relief. You and your baby are fine. Now I'm off to try to find PGal. Seriously, I haven't figured out this app yet.
  • It's just a thread on this board @cmhughes04
  • Aww, I'm with you and I've had 4 great ultrasounds.  I'm pensively waiting for my blood test results (and Zika) now too.  I find focusing on past good news to help.  I'm so bad my first question always is, "is it alive".  After infertility and IVF failure I can't help but think, this must be a dream!  Breathe, try to focus on the positive and do your best!  Easier said than done!  
  • I know how you feel about being nervous after MC. I had 3 MC's before my DD was born. I still worry every time for a dr app. But I do focus on the good news, instead of what could be wrong. I honestly try to imagine what our baby looks like, what it might act like, & now if it will get along with its older sister. Just hang in there, i'm sure it'll all be fine.
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  • It's so hard to not worry, when you've been through a loss and no one can ever guarantee everything will be ok. 
    Having your own Doppler you can use at home helps. On those days you're convinced something is wrong, hearing that heartbeat is very reassuring. I bought a Sonoline b and it wasn't very expensive.
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