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Anyone have negative POAS but positive beta

Been using FRER and CVS brand, all negative.  Beta is tomorrow.  This was second IVF fresh cycle and I'm preparing myself for worst news.....really disappointed. We implanted one morula, the other two didn't make it to freeze.   

Me: 30, DH: 32
My hx:  uterus/hormones normal Dx: low AMH 0.5 = poor ovarian reserve
hubby hx: low sperm count, poor motility, started on clomid, retest in May showed no improvement, will be on clomid another 3 months, another retest scheduled for August

Started IVF #1:  ~BFP Mentioned~
  • ER (Thursday April 17th, 3 precious eggs).
  • April 18th: Received news 2 out of 3 eggs fertilized!
  •  Planned 3dt: Easter day, transferred two 8B embryos and received pictures :)
  • BFP starting 8dp3dt 5/1 Beta #1: 87, 5/3 Beta #2 206 
  • 5/19 Heartbeat 123bpm
  • EDD 1/8/15

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