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Picky eater?

Can anyone relate?  My daughter is so picky and really isn't a fan of anything. When we first started solid foods at 6 months( rice cereal, fruits and vegetables) she was really good at eating them all.  I would say over the past 3 months or so she picks at everything. She might eat a couple peas or a couple pieces of diced fruit or couple pieces of cereal and then spits the rest out if I try to make her finish it.  She is basically eating everything we eat but like I said she barely eats anything of it.  Only thing she does eat is her baby snack foods( puffs, cheesies, yogurt melts, baby cookies and yougurt ) but I feel like at that age that is definately not enough for her and not much nutritional value either.  I'm still breastfeeding and haven't started whole milk yet but plan to soon. Any advice would be great.  My boys were never this picky and were always good eaters.

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  • Hi mama! I'm still breastfeeding too. My son was super super picky. Would not eat anything only play with the food. The doctor kept pushing me to make him eat solids but he just didn't want to and I didn't want to force my baby boy. I knew when he was ready he would start trying to eat food. In the last week, he has been eating a lot more , not full meals but more than before at least. He still nurses fine and also eats a bit of what we eat like rice, cereal without milk, fruit and soup. I usually put the food on his suction cup, I grab one piece and put it in my mouth so he sees I'm eating it and then he tries it. The soup I give to him and the yogurt too. He doesn't finish the whole entire thing but at least a couple spoonfuls is fine. He is growing good thank God and so is his weight. He looooves sweets, which I don't give him much of but he isn't picky with ice cream so know eventually he will start eating full lunch meals. Be patient mama, slowly they will want more and more. I hope this helps, and I understand you because I used to get worried but they are growing and eventually they will want everything we eat lol keep us posted mama! :blush:
  • I forgot to add, we haven't started whole milk soon, and my baby didn't like yogurt until recently, also "Happy Baby" brand has puffs that are natural and contain DHA. My baby boy loves them, maybe you could try them with your baby girl! I'll attach a picture! 
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  • Thank you so much for your reply !  I think that I just worry about her not eating enough and not enough healthy foods or foods I feel will actually fill her up. Like I said she mostly just picks at stuff unless it's her own baby snack foods( she does better with those). At our last appt at 12 months she was just under 18 lbs and the dr said she looks really healthy and fine but that her weight should be a little more. I know she went through a bad stage of teething when she didn't want to eat anything ( only nurse). She was born at a healthy 8lbs 7ozs at 4 days early and I think she may just take after my small build.  I just always worry I guess lol.  But thank you so much for your help ! I really appreciate it! 
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    I understand you mama, and no problem! That's what we are here for to help each other out.! Keep us updated and you'll see eventually your baby girl will love food!!  :blush:
  • My daughter has always had a hard time with eating, ever since birth. Latching, sensitivity, swallowing, texture, etc. don't worry, it just takes time and tricks ;) as long as they are healthy don't worry too much about weight. Sometimes doctors only want to focus on the percentile and growth and making sure they are on there. My daugter is 15 months now and barely made 15 lbs. but she is a healthy baby :) Good luck mama!
  • Thank you!!  That makes me feel a little better.
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    Whoops. Reply got messed up initially. I have been having the problem of my kiddo not being picky at first except with certain fruit and now she seems to be eating less and getting pickier. She doesn't seem to love fruit if it's tart or tangy at all and she spits a lot of that stuff out. Today it was sliced grapes...She does better with veggies but she's definitely not as adventurous as she used to be. I think it's possible I may be giving too much cows milk (we are 90% weaned) and juice/water sippy cups. 
    I feel like this is probably somewhat normal though so I keep offering different food and just bite the bullet knowing I most likely will be cleaning it off the floor or high chair.
  • My guy ate everything at first. He loved all food and couldn't get enough of it. But just like yours, he recently has been getting picky. Believe it or not the one thing I can always count on him to eat are chicken fries! But I have the same concern that they aren't great nutritionally for him to have all the time! So I feel your pain. Hopefully it is just a phase and they will go back to liking a wide variety of foods soon!
  • I was starting to think we were all alone on the picky eater front! My LO literally just started refusing food this week. Sheʻll even feed it to the dog if she doesnʻt want it...and itʻs all food that she loved before! We are also still nursing pretty regularly but I also worry that sheʻs not getting enough nutrition. Basically, sheʻs been living off of white bread (not toasted), white rice, and honey nut cheerios. Sheʻll eat whatever weʻre having from time to time but she definitely prefers snacking to bigger meals. Iʻm thinking itʻs just a phase (plus sheʻs also teething...bottom molars about to pop in) but Iʻm hoping sheʻll go back to eating normally soon.
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  • My son is not very picky.  He pretty much eats whatever we give him.  I always attribute that to breastfeeding because they say breastfeeding gives baby a more variety of a tasting pallet than formula.  Good luck momma!
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