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I didn't see a specific thread, at least  a recent one.  Figured It deserves its own thread....

its hit early this time.  I've been dealing with it since week 4, just didn't know why at the time.  Last 4 pregnancies I had it but never puked.  First tri is the devil!

whats working for you guys?  Tums just ain't cutting it. 

Re: Nausea....

  • Making sure I take my Zantac, always having ice cold water and snacks on hand, and I'm back to work full time so it's helping some.  Sometimes, I need a carbonated beverage and that helps.  I just started throwing up yesterday morning, and it's only been right when I wake up, so I'm hoping it stays "tame" for me this go round. 
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    Best for me is making sure my stomach is never completely empty. I have a decently big breakfast and a small snack (willpower depending, ha!) every 2 hours or so. High-protein snacks, if they sound good (hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, etc.) go a long way if my stomach's feeling sour.  (Also sour patch kids.  ALL the sour patch kids) I have the sea bands as well, but they were hit-or-miss for me.  Pretty good during the day, but not terribly effective at night when my nausea was already the worst. I started Diclegis last Thursday and am currently figuring out what dosage is best.

    I hope you feel better soon!!  :/

    ETA because words.
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  • I have been sipping small amounts of ginger ale through out the day and it seems to be helping a bit.
  • It's awful, I've been nauseous all day long since week 6 so almost 3 weeks. Nothing seems to help. I did have ginger slices and ginger ale and that helped but now the thought makes me want to puke. I have Preggie Drops...I'm not sure if they help but they're supposed to. I definitely have water with me at all times, eat small meals and snack but it sucks. I just want to lay around all day. I've been drinking LaCroix and 7 Up instead of Ginger Ale. 

    I force myself to eat meals, nothing sounds good but I know I don't want leftovers the next night bc then it really sounds bad.
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    @shoegirl1975 I oddly still have boxes of lemonheads leftover from last Halloween. I may have to try them. 

    I had a little nausea in week 5 and it progressively got worse week 6. In week 7 now and it's pretty much a constant thing, but I haven't had any vomiting. I feel better when I've been moving or focused on something, but getting to moving or focusing is quite difficult. 

    @WkoutMomtoBe I have the same problem! Nothing seems to help. I got a pear cider tea with lemon and ginger and then the next day hated it. Also want to just lay around, and nothing is appetizing, but I have to eat. 
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  • with DD I threw up pretty much from when the pee dried on the stick, and I was still throwing up the day after I delivered her...Ask your doc for a script...honestly without it I would have not made it through...

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    I still have a few Zofran left from a previous pregnancy that I took today and feel a bit better.  I remember getting ginger with my 3rd because I heard it was awesome!  It was the sickest thing I have ever tasted!   

    What at other prescriptions can you get?  I'm going to get some of those sea bands and see if that helps

    thanks ladies :)
  • @cooks3133 I was given zofran and reglen during a previous pregnancy. They are pretty effective anti-nausea RXs. My OB now starts everyone on diclegis which is basically an antihistamine plus vitamin B. 

    Ramen noodles, Popsicles, sour candies, ginger pills (i don't like the actual taste of ginger), small protein meals, b6 lollipops, and sea bands have all worked here and there for me.
  • Also if you search 'dealing with morning sickness' there's a big post on the subject a few pages back. I'm mobile and can't figure out how to link.
  • Hot and spicy food works for me, and carbs - all of the carbs! Given that, all I want to eat are spicy ramen / noodles. 
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  • Nothing. Not puking but the nausea is debilitating and my appetite is totally gone! 
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  • I'm dealing with all-day nausea (but no vomiting) with unisom + b12 (taking both at night).  It's not a cure, but does help.  Evenings are worst as the medicine starts to wear off.  But if I take it in the am the fatigue is unmanageable.  

    Has anyone switched from OTC b12 and unisom to diclegis?  Don't know if the real thing would work better, as I'm still feeling a bit debilitated.
  • @NESeattlite @Cook3133I've been on Diclegis since week 6 and have had a really good experience. Sure I'm tired, but my body is adjusting to that and it's totally worth not having the nausea. 
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  • Is it B6 or B12 and how much? My midwife said B6 and I THINK 25 mg but I forget. I only found 100 mg so we use a pill cutter
  • @wkoutmomtobe - it's B6. I found 25 mg tablets on Amazon. Just started taking them (3x daily) on Saturday. I hope the my work for you. So far, they're doing nothing for me. I was so hopeful! 
  • Yea...I've been taking it and not doing anything for me. I'm feeling a bit better the last couple of days but I have so much else going on that maybe that's what I need.

    BUT mostly nauseous all day, no appetite, force self to eat.....I HOPE this ends after first trimester 
  • Nothing really "works" except making sure I eat some carbs in the morning. The smell of coffee (I'm on a college campus all day) makes me feel like I'm going to hurl everywhere. 
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  • I am taking 50 mg of B6 and 12.5mg (1/2 a 25 mg tablet) of unisom twice a day - once before bed, and once in the morning - and it is helping immensely. I am still bothered by the smell of food and can only stomach a few things (mainly crackers, smoothies, toast) but I can get around during the day and function now, whereas before I was too sick to do anything but lay on the couch! Also switched to taking prenatals at night, which I think has helped a bit. 
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  • Praises be to the baby Jesus.  I called my OB today, where I will be a new patient, and they are letting me come in on Friday morning to meet with one of the midwives and get a prescription.  Not sure what they'll give me yet, but I am so relieved.  My first real appointment is still 2 weeks away so I am incredibly grateful!
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  • OMG the nausea, the gagging and dry heaving this morning. my stomach was empty so all I could do was dry heave with no stopping. Please tell me there is still a chance, that even though I'm 9w3d and the nausea is getting worse, it will still maybe stop within a couple weeks or so. Please tell me that's possible!!!

    Also, I can't answer to my few cravings I am having. I needed something sweet today and 3 musketeers sounded so good. Ate it and it was amazing. 15 min later, no so much :(

    I guess I'm just here to complain, sorry :/

  • OB gave me Zofran at my appt on Wednesday and said it would be fine to use if I didn't want to risk being groggy one morning. I had to be at work extra early today, so I decided to give it a shot and so far so good. I may switch back and forth now that I know it will help, too. Hang in there, ladies. We will make it through this. 
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  • I'm 9 weeks and my nausea got worse in the last week and now I've added vomiting to my morning routine! Trying ginger candies and prenatal vitamins at night and praying for some relief! 
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  • I've found a way to drink water! Market Pantry brand apple juice (other ones seem too sweet) mixed with water. I do 50/50. I know it's not ideal but it's the only way I can get some water in my system and keep hydrated. It's 12.30 here and I've drank 48oZ so far! :D

    Maybe it will work for some of you, too so I figured I'd share.

  • @MrsBakes, I need to try that! I have had a FEW (very few) better days were I'm able to drink water in the evenings but I still really struggle during the day. I am going to grab some apple juice/water when I run home this afternoon. It's so hard feeling super thirsty but being grossed out by 95% of beverage choices!
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  • Just came from seeing the nurse/midwife. This morning was particularly terrible. I could hardly bear to be sitting. She told me to up my B6 to 100mg every six hours and one unisom each night. Previously, I'd only been taking 25 mg of B6 3x daily and no unisom. I'm hoping this helps. She also prescribed me Zofran and another nausea medication, but I'd like to hold off on those if I can help it.
  • Lemon drops and sour candies are helping :) 

    @drnari I had really bad headaches and nausea with #3 so I thought maybe girl but nope another boy, 
  • It was so cute when I thought this pregnancy would be better in terms of morning sickness. 
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  • @kcasset - right?! I had no idea morning sickness could last 
  • Freezies help on the really bad days. Yogurt drinks with my diclectin, as well.
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