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3rd IUI.....(parent loss mentioned)

I am looking at starting my third IUI in either October or November. I'm going to call the RE after work and get their opinion. I did my first two last fall and neither took. I have never been pregnant in my life and long to be a mother. I'll be a single mom by choice. I was diagnosed with PCOS nine years ago. One big question I've been getting is if this IUI doesn't work what will my next step be. I can honestly say I don't know. I'm ok with trying IUI again but it gets expensive. I don't know if I would ever be able to afford IVF. I don't have the money to privately adopt although everyone seems to think that that magical stork is still magically dropping babies from the sky. I have tried going through my local children services agency with no luck. I'm alone with my infertility because no one in my family has ever gone through anything like this before. I took a break after my second IUI for a couple reasons (get my sanity back, crazy side effects, & I was my dad's full time caregiver). Sadly my dad passed in February due to heart issues. I've dealt with really bad anxiety (panic attacks), depression, and insomnia since he's passed. I've been in counseling since before he passed and am still going and I work out two to three times a week with and without my trainer. I'm finally coming out on the other side of my grief and feel like I'm in a better place. My counselor is concerned that if this IUI doesn't take then I'll go back to square one mentally and have to fight this battle to get back to solid ground again. I'm just feeling sorta lost and don't feel like I really have anyone to turn too that understands what I'm going through and the decisions that we women with infertility must make. Thanks for reading!! 
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