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  • @scifichick09 I am joining you in the minority! My husband and I have fairly separate friendships with people of both sexes, and it has never been an issue for either of us. I'd say most of our friends are mutual, but we both have friends with whom we have independent bonds, and we both just prefer to keep it that way. One of my best friends is a man I've known for years, and we have lots of shared memories and interests that my husband isn't into, so he's more than happy to leave us to our own devices, and I have similar feelings about his closest female friend (who I find a little annoying). Works well for us!

    I guess it might be weird if my husband or I made a friend of the opposite sex who flat-out REFUSED to ever meet one of us...but I just can't imagine that actually ever happening.
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  • I'm so annoyed with Paypal right now.  I faxed them all the shit to close my dad's account last November and it's still open and they don't have any of the documents I sent even though they sent an email saying they received them.  Now I can't find a copy of the letter I wrote referencing his account information and they won't give it to me to redraft my letter. 
  • Today has been about as much fun as a root canal. Got stuck in a training class for a new position and everything we're going over is the stuff I already currently use. I need to know the new programs. I also get to sit through it again next week. Literally the same class for two new people.

    I am so over this 3 year old stage. I can't go out to dinner or to a birthday party for his friends   without him having a full meltdown. It's embarrassing and I'm just exhausted. I love my son even if he drives me crazy. I just wish he could sit down for even 5 minutes without me having to threaten to take stuff away when we get home. 

    And I can't shake this headache. 
  • @PerraSucia PayPal is the worst. They have my account partially shut down until I send them a copy of my SS card, and have ever since I changed my name when I got married. Hell no, I am not uploading that onto the internet! It still lets me use it to pay for things though, so that's fine by me.

    H and I each have a ton of opposite sex friends, some from before our relationship and some we've met since at work. It's 100% a non-issue for us. Some of his female friends have become good friends with me, and some haven't, but none have ever given me reason to be uneasy.

    My BF is a mild one: the cost of attending other people's weddings. I'm doing my September and October budgets a bit ahead to plan out fun baby gear purchases, and with recovery from the wedding I was in last weekend and two away weddings to attend in October, it is looking BLEAK. They will be fun, though.

  • DH is about to start a fantasy football draft and shouts out from the other room "you know you have a team in this league, right?".  NO!  I did not agree to play this year and I'm really not feeling like it because 1. I think I have a cold and can't knock myself out with nighttime theraflu/nyquil like I normally would and 2. I have done ZERO research.  I would let my team auto-draft but I have too much pride.  
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  • Second shitting on her doorstep. It's easy to say she'll get what's coming for her and trust fate, but this one is worth the effort to control it's destiny. I can't stand when people aren't accountable for their actions!

  • @TeacherMom2517 Glad you are ok. I'd be livid and probably looking her up on Facebook and brooding. 

    Who does that?? I hit my neighbors parked car backing out of my driveway at an angle and trying to avoid another car. It was the tiniest of scratches and I still immediately knocked on his door, told him, and insisted on giving him money to have it fixed. It was super embarrassing. But FFS, that's what you do or you have to live with your crappy self. 

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