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Deli meat

I'm 16 weeks pregnant & food is seriously my worst enemy. Everyday I'm forcing myself to eat otherwise I could go all day w/o ever eating. The one thing I can not stop craving Is deli meat, go figure the one thing I heard your not supposed to eat. If you toast the whole sandwich is it OK? What experience have you ladies had? 

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  • I've eaten Jimmy Johns a handful of times. I tend to avoid deli meat sandwiches when I don't know when they've been prepared or their temperature (i.e. grab and go sandwiches).
  • I've had a few ham sandwiches when they were sounding good, but now that the phase has passed I'm skipping the deli meat. Most pregnant people I know have at least a few deli meat meals and are just fine. 
  • They say heat the meat to steaming first and then it's fine. Personally, I've had several cold sandwiches over the last few months. 
  • I have also had Jimmy Johns a few times, but all the home-prepared deli meat sandwiches have been heated thoroughly (think grilled cheese with ham and turkey). Wouldn't trust pre-made sandwiches from grocery or convenience stores though. 
  • The risk is low but it only takes once to get listeria. Personally I don't want to risk it but that's something everyone can decide for themselves. Also as long as the meat is heated to steaming I think you're in the clear. 
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  • I've eaten a lot of turkey subs this pregnancy. It's all I crave. I personally wouldn't get cold cuts from the grocery store. But I fresh made deli sandwich I will absolutely do, a few times a week!
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  • I asked my doctor about this and she said not to eat pre made sandwiches but if you make your own and heat the meat to steaming then it's fine. 
  • My doc said to stay away from it, so I am just to be safe. I've also been thinking about deli meat sandwiches way more than I ever did now that I cant have them, lol. What I really can't stop thinking about is a Spicy Italian from Subway, haha. As lame as it sounds, that's #1 on my list of things to eat as soon as I'm able to again. I think it's totally fine as long as you heat the meat up, but that's not the way I prefer to eat stuff like that, so it doesn't sound good to me and I haven't bothered.
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    Yeah I eat my cold cut sandwiches and do not heat them. I am living on the wild side. All the recent cases have been from fruits and vegetables. I cannot find a recent case of someone getting sick from cold cuts. So if we really want to cut the risk of listeria we should stop eating fruits and veggies. 

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  • Yeah, I still ride my motorcycle to work at least twice a week. Come at me, Listeria. 

    For real though OP, there are certain lunch meats I avoid. H loves the Wal-Mart brand lunch meat. That made me cringe pre pregnancy with what it's crawling with. If it's an okay brand and you refrigerated it, the risk is fairly low. If you're eating nothing else and are well into second tri, to me, the benefit of getting proper nutrition would outweigh the risk of Listeria. 

  • I like to eat horse meat. :hushed:

  • @GlitterDragon Ok, now I know I've been doing things wrong, because that looks fun. I'm picturing the Michelin man but bubble wrap style. Your idea is way better.
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  • I've always eaten deli meat while pregnant. I usually heat it up, but not always. Whatever you're comfortable with!
  • I ate deli meat, smoked salmon and sushi during the first tri when that was all I could stomach. Once the morning/all day sickness was over I stopped eating it but my doctor said all the stuff is blown out of proporation and it was all fine. I also made sure I had good quality meat/fish (e.g. applegate farms and only ate sushi at higher end Japanese restaurants I trusted).
  • I crave subway sandwiches so I have a turkey sub a couple times a month. I get it toasted, but when I make one at home it's not heated. Right now I'm more likely to get listeria from a salad.
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  • Team live on the edge and eat unheated deli meat if you want it. That's not a rule/recommendation I follow at all. 
  • Now I want a sandwich.
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  • I told my doc that I was bummed about having to cut back on sausage and bacon. He said his wife wanted deli meat the whole time she was pregnant so she just went for it. lol. 
    I was also told at the doctor that you can ask them to microwave the meat then get your sandwich toasted and you should be good to go!
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