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Clomid. What can you tell me? (Loss mentioned)

Hello. I'm TTC #2 at age 37. We have been trying for almost 2 years with a loss last may. 
We went to an RE, tried one IUI with no success. He didn't give me clomid because I ovulate on my own. 
After much discussion back with my gyno he suggested trying clomid. 
I took my first pill today. I take 5 days of these and estradoil for a few days. I'm just curious to know what I should expect. Should I contine to exercise? I run 3-4 days a week. I forgot to ask. 
Any other personal experiences welcome. 


Re: Clomid. What can you tell me? (Loss mentioned)

  • Theres a similar thread with some good info/experiences here:
    No one ever told me not to exercise on it. That should not be a problem. 
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  • Everyone responds to clomid differently.  I took clomid at the beginning of this cycle and didn't have any obvious side-effects.  I was not told anything about exercise.  I think someone just asked this same question a couple of days ago.  Its a good idea to lurk around and use the search bar on the right.  You will find a lot of info on clomid from past threads.  
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