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I understand the guidelines about breastfeeding mothers having a beer or glass of wine, but what about a cocktail? If I had one after LO is down for the night, would I need to pump and dump or just count on my body to metabolize the alcohol? Also, has anyone done so and noticed any change in supply?

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  • If I drink. I limit. One stronger drink or 2 beers. Statistically nothing makes it to your milk. Same with vitamin D. I limit what I drink just incase but I haven't noticed a change in my milk. Only once and it was after I had two really dark beers! I sprayed milk lol
  • I'm drinking a corona right now.....
    ive had 1-2 drinks a few times since LO was born. I don't pump & dump- I just do it after LO is down for the night since I usually don't pump overnight anyways. I haven't noticed any changes to my milk supply. I make sure to drink extra water after though. 
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  • Alcohol doesn't hang out in milk the same way it doesn't stay in your bloodstream. Essentially as long as you aren't inebriated you can breastfeed/pump just fine, no matter what you are drinking. I've downed two bottles of wine after LO went to bed and while I didn't notice a change in supply I did notice how much more severe my hangover was while caring for an infant and hungover. We stayed in bed all day.
  • Thanks for the info. While I've had a glass of wine or beer here and there, I've really been itching for a good margarita
  • My ob told me if you can drive a car you can use the breastmilk. If you can't drive a car, then you can pump and dump or wait until you are more sober. 

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  • @ejled did you finally enjoy that margarita? :smile:
  • Somebody get me a margarita!! 
  • Not yet! That will require me first to go grocery shopping. Or dinner at the Mexican restaurant for a big fishbowl marg
  • Fishbowl margarita? Where do you live? I'm moving! We only have generic mexican restaurants here in Idaho! 
  • I am from GA but now live in western NC. We definitely had fishbowl margs in GA at my fav restaurants but I dunno if our current one does. But honestly, it's such a small town I'd almost be afraid to go out and order a biggin'. Too bad! 
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