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Anybody else's baby not doing it yet? :neutral:


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    Mine! He's up once or twice still. Rarely three times (thank goodness) and occasionally he has gone all night, but then I woke up all night waiting to hear him!

    ETA: He puts himself to sleep for bedtime, naps, and if he finishes nursing at night but is still awake, so I don't think it's an issue of self-soothing. 
  • Yep.... Up between 3-5 and needs to be held that whole time and at 5 will go back to sleep and sleep until 8.  No problems going to sleep on her own or falling back asleep at 5 on her own and no problem when she wakes earlier than 3 soothing herself back to sleep.  Ugh
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  • Here too.  He's up around 4 and occasionally 1 to nurse.  He can soothe himself to sleep no problem though
  • She use to sleep through the night until we went on vacation at the end of June. Ever since she wakes up twice a night. She can soothe no problem. It seems to be more of an attachment issue. She cries until I get her. Even if daddy gets up she won't calm down until she is in my arms. 
  • Not here either. Up between 2-4 usually. Also self soothes just fine most of the time
  • Glad it's not just me!! My guy usually gets up between 3 & 4 to nurse. He will occasionally wake an additional time. Self soothes fine and goes to sleep by himself at night.
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    This just came up on my feed and I never would have thought of it. Sleep inhibitors! The article said to try to sneak into baby's room right before the time LO wakes every night to see if something in the room is causing it, i.e. a sound, too much light, etc. 

    From The Bump: "Q&A: Something Inhibiting Baby's Sleep?" https://www.thebump.com/a/something-inhibiting-babys-sleep Get the free Bump App: https://bit.ly/1UEYuli

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  • LO was never a great sleeper, but her sleep has been shit for the past month, ever since she turned 6 months.
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    We still dream feed around 10:30 pm and then feed once between 4 - 5. I have an "end game" transition plan to drop the night feed but I'm honestly okay with the single wake up for now so we will continue it for the foreseeable future. 
  • Us! She used to wake up just once per night at around 4, but now she consistently gets up around 1 or 2 as well... this has been going on for about a month. We're on vacation right now, and she got up a million times just about. Ugh. I'd love to go back to once per night at 4am. I'm hoping she'll just do it on her own  :/
  • @mrsgetz4000 yes. People talk about this STTN thing....what is that they speak of? LO was doing great for month 6 only getting up once around 2/3, occasionally a 2nd wake up. The past 3 weeks around when she hit 7 months, we are back to 2 and sometimes 3. I'm glad I'm not the only one. My co-workers all look at me like I have 2 heads when I say she's not STTN.
  • Same here! Mine is up once if I win the baby sleep lottery, twice usually, and 3-4 times on a really bad night. The only things that get me through are that I know she WILL sleep eventually and coffee...multiple cups of coffee. 
  • @SBH041815 my mom keeps telling me it will happen eventually too. I am clinging to this hope, that it happens sooner rather than later!
  • Mine gets up twice. My other 2 LO'S didn't STTN until after a year old. I don't mind even though I'm exhausted because 1 day very soon they won't get rocked to sleep or need my kisses and hugs in the middle of the night. Time Flys. I can remember getting up at night with my 7 year old....now in 2nd grade :(
  • Yep! My girl has been STTN for the last 3-4 weeks, started around 7 months. 730pm-530am usually, and then I put her paci in and she sleeps until 630am. She's up on the dot at 630 though. It's life-changing. For what it's worth (cause I always wanted to know): My girl is fully formula fed as of 6.5 months, eats 2 puree meals per day, and has 2 x 1.5 hour naps during the day and usually another catnap in the evening. I thought STTN would never happen, and then all of a sudden it did!
  • Mine gets up twice. My other 2 LO'S didn't STTN until after a year old. I don't mind even though I'm exhausted because 1 day very soon they won't get rocked to sleep or need my kisses and hugs in the middle of the night. Time Flys. I can remember getting up at night with my 7 year old....now in 2nd grade :(
    LO is still up to feed 1-2x per night and most nights I try and remind myself of this. We only get a very short period of time (in the grand scheme of things) of MOTN cuddles and feeds. Next thing we know they'll be school aged and hate cuddling mom. I'm soaking it in as much as I can!
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  • I'm trying to soak it in as much as I can as well. That's why I'm aiming and wishing and hoping for just once per night, because I think I'd be sad without any MOTN cuddles, but 2 times or more is exhausting and I'm ready for some better sleep. 
    I'm really sick of people asking me if LO is STTN... I wish I had a better response to give. 
  • Violet hit a streak where she slept through around 6 weeks and it continued. Until I went back to work. In effin April. She still doesn't sleep through the night
  • Freya got up to eat only once last night! Please please please be the new routine, not just a lucky night!
  • We've started with, "Yeah, she sleeps great! We dream feed her at 10:30 and then she wakes to feed at 5 am, then goes back to sleep! It's so awesome!" ...Even though I'm sure other people think that sucks, nobody dares mess with our enthusiasm or happiness. Haha. We just leave no room for sympathy and it's actually been a really great way to end the conversation.
  • That's a good idea @l4rk. I remember back when LO went from waking up every half hour to waking up twice a night, and when someone asked how sleeping was going I said "she's doing great now! Only wakes up twice to eat at night" The person just looked at me with shock and confusion. That ended the conversation. Maybe I'll start saying that again because I'm tired of talking about LO's sleep to people who don't get it. 
  • We had a nice long stretch of STTN (mostly, he wakes up once to eat between 3-5 and goes back to sleep for 3-4 hours, I count that!), but now that he has 4 teeth coming in at once it's hit or miss. I've had a few nights where he sleeps 10 hours straight then eats and sleeps for 4 more hours, I've had up every 2 hours, I've had his normal routine. At this point we are playing sleep roulette. 

    @l4rk we do the same thing! We are on almost the same schedule too! I feel well rested most mornings and people who want to tell me how perfect their baby was at sleeping have obviously blocked out the really rough parts from their memories ;)
  • mestokesmestokes member
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    This thread makes me happy :smile: I'm just going to enjoy the middle of the night cuddles and quit worrying so much!!
  • anyone's LO start sleeping through the night yet? I need hope lol we're going through a leap at the moment and this mama is exhausted! 
  • mestokesmestokes member
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    My LO randomly slept from 8pm-7am 3 nights in a row this past weekend! He had a cold though so I'm guessing that had something to do with it. The last 2 nights, he's gotten up once around 4:30. Of course the nights he slept all night, I was up checking the monitor several times.
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    Well, I'm posting at 2am, so obviously not.  :) We just started leap 6 this week though.  I'm still waiting to see how bad it'll get.
  • Thank goodness I'm not the only one! My son hasn't sleep through the night since he was 4 months old. He's 9 now. He has been teething this whole time and has yet to pop a tooth! I really hope they come soon, because this mamma needs sleep! 
  • Not yet here either. She is usually up once to eat anywhere between 1 and 3 and will go back to sleep before waking for the day around 7. We are almost at the end of leap 6, so yay to that! However she has yet to cut teeth so we shall see what that does to her sleep when that starts!
  • I feel so much better that I am not the only one! As pp have mentioned, I feel as though I did something wrong that she still isn't sleeping through at 8.5 months. I'm hoping that after the 6th leap (8 days left) something gives in. She was up almost every 2 hours last night whining! I can't figure it out. 
  • You guys are DEFINITELY not alone.  We've been able to get some 8-9 hour stretches at times, but he's ALWAYS woken at least once during the night.  Currently wakes up about 2 times.

    I just keep reminding myself this won't last forever.  Even if it's until he's 18 months old, it was only 18 months.  I will have him with me at my home for at least 18 years.  Those 18 months are just a blip in the timeline.  

    **goes and sobs in corner**

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  • Denver is anti-sleep 
    need a nap - no
    bedtime- nope. 
    Its like I'm causing him physical pain to have to go to sleep. Even then he's waking up 2-3 times a night. 
    -sigh- my eyes are in a constant state of burning. 
  • mestokesmestokes member
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    @JanuarysBaby1 you definitely haven't done anything wrong!!! Every baby is different. I'm just trying to go with the flow, drink lots of coffee, and know it won't always be like this!

  • My baby doesn't sleep through the night either.  Close to 9 months.  Don't feel bad.  Eventually they will sleep. 
  • Hubs has a 4 day weekend this weekend. It is my mission to get LO down to one feed per night. Wish me luck!
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  • Good luck! My goal is to get down to one feeding by the beginning of Oct because my mom is watching LO overnight in mid Oct
  • Am I the only one still? Lol 
  • Nope not at all!! Mine still gets up once a night between 3 & 4. 
  • @mestokes did you do CIO and your LO still wakes up once a night? my daughter also wakes up once but it could take an hour or 2 to get her back to sleep lately. Im starting to think I need to attempt CIO in order to get decent sleep? All I hear is "she should be sleeping through the night, she's 9 months" and I'm tired of it! 
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