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High Platelets and High White Blood Count

When my OBGYN did my initial blood work, it showed I had the 2 things above and that I had in previous blood work over the past two years. When I went to the hematologist, she not only had the personality of an iceberg but also threw out the C-word (cancer specifically leukemia) which of course made me want to call her another C-word. I'm so freaked out. I was diagnosed with iron deficiency (anemia) two years ago so I wasn't particularly surprised when she mentioned it could possibly be that as well but because I am pregnant, she can't run every test possible. I am so scared that I finally get pregnant with my first round of fertility drugs after trying for 5 years and I might lose my baby due to something I've always been petrified of. I expected the possible blood clotting issues due to a history of clots and heart disease in my family but cancer and pregnant are not two words I want in the same sentence. I go for those tests today and my ultrasound on Monday which now I almost don't want to see because I might not get to know this baby. I keep it in the back of my head that I don't have any leukemia symptoms; I've trouble losing weight not gaining it, I don't bruise or bleed easily, and right now, I am only tired due to pregnancy. But ever since I saw her, I've cried and I am so angry that this could have been figured out two years ago before I switched doctors.  I have so many questions that I am scared to death to ask: Why didn't they test then for a reason why I am anemic? What does this mean for my baby? Why did she start off with the C-word? Why do I have to repeat my family history three times (on the paperwork, to the nurse and to the doctor)?

I'm already epileptic and obese with high blood pressure because of my nerves and this just made it worse. Is there anyone out there who is dealing or has dealt with this?
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