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Weight Gain After Weaning

I'm two lbs away from my pp weight - I was of the mindset that it took 9 months to put on so I should get 9 months to lose it.  I used to go to the gym all of the time including right up until the day I went into labor but between baby still not STTN, still refusing to take a bottle, being clingy and a hectic work schedule - I haven't been to the gym since baby was born... So while not overweight, I'm very out of shape.  I'm not sure how I lost the 45 lbs of baby weight other than breastfeeding (and losing muscle mass I'm sure), and I'm not complaining ... but...will it all come back when I stop breastfeeding? 

Re: Weight Gain After Weaning

  • I'm same boat as you. I did some light workouts after birth, but when I went back to work at 2.5 months pp, forget about that. Ive been back 5 months now and no exercising, ive lost all my pregnancy weight but feel very untoned and weak. There is just no energy with full time work and baby (no STTN here either ). I'm curious to see what others who've stopped before have experienced if weight returns.
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    It's calories in versus calories out. If you are maintaining your current weight, stop EBF, but eat the exact same, then you will likely have a calorie surplus and start to gain weight. However, if you are currently losing weight and eat the same after OR you are maintaining but cut down on calories, then you will be more likely to keep your current weight. Recent studies have shown that diet is way more important and influential for weight loss/gain than exercise. 
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    So I just weaned a few weeks ago, and was going crazy because the scale kept rising even though I was exercising and eating right (about 5lb total). I didn't understand it. A trainer friend I know said your body is holding on to your fat storage after weaning, preparing to still make milk for several weeks. After 3-4 weeks (i forget the exact day) i'm finally seeing it go the other way. But like PP said, you also have to adjust your food input since you are no longer automatically burning those extra calories. I also haven't started my period yet so waiting on that and feel extra bloated.
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