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Babbling consonant sounds?

At our 6 month appt our Pedi said DD would start babbling consonants (mama, dada, baba) but she's now 7.5 months and nothing yet. She communicates and sings and makes noise all day long, but no consonants. Are your babies saying these things and mine is just late? Wondering if I should be concerned.

Re: Babbling consonant sounds?

  • So far ours is just saying "bah" and "abba".  He does say them a lot though.    He just started signing this week.
  • Ours makes consonant sounds, but nothing meaningful like mama or dada.
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  • Nothing meaningful. Mostly it's still raspberries and sing-song stuff.

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    We definitely have consonants, but they are really random and almost accidental. We mostly get the 'g' sound with a lot of 'yuh' 'huh' and the occasional 'da' and 'ba'. As long as there is babbling I wouldn't worry too much. 

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  • LO has been saying "dada" for a couple of months now. She just started perfecting "mama" in the last few weeks. "Nana" is the newest addition to the list. That started last week. I have found that she likes to mimic me, so I practice the sounds with her. Since I started doing that, she says them constantly. I don't know if you try to get her to repeat the sounds to you, but that has worked for us. I will say that LO has been extremely vocal from the time she was tiny, so I'm not surprised she got her consonant sounds down pretty quickly. Like previous posters have said, I wouldn't worry too much. Speech is one of those developmental milestones that varies greatly from kid to kid. 
  • Thanks for the answers, guys! She has been on the later side of her milestones (rolling, sitting), doctor said cause she's so big and has so much weight to move around (22lb at 7mos) so maybe that's just part of who she is. I'll keep chatting away to her :)
  • I'm the same as @Cricket99. Random and accidental. Babbles a lot but nothing meaningful. 
  • My ped said she would expect to hear mama dads by 9 months. LO is grunting, screeching, and he occasional eeooo but only Maa when he's crying. (Not intentional, I think he's drooling so much his lips get stuck together!)
  • DH tried to claim DS was saying mama when he was crying yesterday, but I think that's mostly because he woke up (again) at 4:30 and refused to go back to sleep and this time I tried to make DH get up to be with him so I could sleep.
  • Just squeals, screams, and grunts here. I try to practice with LO saying mama and dada everyday and he just laughs at me haha
  • Thanks guys! She started saying "mum-mum" this past weekend, a day before her 8 month birthday :) She says it all the time now and has added "N" sounds too. It's so funny watching her mouth make these sounds <3 "dada" is sad cause everyone said she'd say that first! but nope - I translate it to "ma-ma" :)
  • My little just recently said Da-da after a month of Mama. Babies don't like to fit into molds, that is for sure. 
  • @essentialpeace that's what my little guy did! He said mama as his only sound for well over a month one day he said
     dada and we haven't heard anything else including mama ever since haha 
  • My kid doesn't say anything resembling a real word on purpose but she makes all different sounds and consonant sounds. I asked the pedi and she said it was fine because she was social in other regards like smiling at people, making eye contact, etc. She said she wants at least one word by 1 year.
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    My 8 month old days more meaningful things than my 21 month old! The baby says mama (usually when she's upset), dada (when she's being silly), dog, and yaaa. Her famous "phrase" is what sounds like "my dada, yeaaa!" It's hilarious. She loves her dada, but gives him the hardest time when he actually tries to care for her if I'm not around. 

    ETA: my 21 month old boy seriously doesn't talk. He's extremely receptive and follows commands. He makes eye contact and knows what he's being asked or told... but the boy us stubborn and will not talk; not even mama or dada... the best we can get is for him to sign a few words (more, please, thank you) 
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