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Affordable newborn photos

Any recommendations ? I'm finding great and talented photographers but they are just out of my budget (300+minimum ) . If anyone knows anyone just starting out who doesn't charge a bunch any recommendations would be appreciated . 

**BFP and loss warning**

Me: 29
DH: 29
Us: Married Valentine's Day, 2015
DH: No issues.
Me: PCOS, unexplained infertility (whatever that means!!)
June 2015 Medicated TI cycle: BFN
July 2015:  Medicated TI cycle: BFN
August 2015: IUI: BFP. Chemical pregnancy :(
October 2015: IUI: BFN
January 2016: Egg retrieval: 10 frozen embryos!
March 2016: FET Cycle- 2 embryos transferred!: BFP !
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