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Introducing myself - New member

Hello, I’d like to introduce myself here.  I was married last year and my DH and I started trying right away since I was 35.  After trying for a year we are having our first IUI hopefully this August.  I’ve been diagnosed as having anovulation, which I had suspected since I was a teenager due to my irregular periods.  DH also has issues with delayed ejaculation, so between the two issues we are moving to letrozole, trigger, and IUI.  I’ve had my first round of meds and I go in tomorrow to see how the follicles are doing.  FX!

My doctor was sure that I had PCOS since I am overweight and my periods have always been irregular (and awful) but all tests have come back normal.  No one else in my family has ever had any issues, and indeed they all have tons of children (3-6 per family). 

I try to be upbeat about the IUI process, but some days it really gets me down.  DH is very supportive and has dreams about us having children (always girls) so I hope one day it comes true.  


Re: Introducing myself - New member

  • Welcome to this little world. You will find lots of support here. Definitely jump into an IUI board and get to know the ladies going through this process with you.Best of luck!
  • I'm new too, just starting the very first steps into IVF and trying to navigate it! I hope you get your dream x
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  • Welcome, and good luck! As you can see in my signature I've also done Letrozole and a trigger (no IUI). I haven't had any side effects & have responded well - I hope you do too!
    Me: 33, PCOS with anovulation
    DH: 36, No known issues
    TTC since 11/2014
    1000mg Metformin daily

    Oct-Dec 2015: Letrozole 5mg, Ovidrel, TI = BFN x 2
    Feb-May 2016: Letrozole 5mg, Ovidrel, TI, Prometrium = BFN x 3
    August 2016: Clomid 100mg no response, Letrozole 5mg, Ovidrel, TI, Prometrium = BFN

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