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I start back at church choir Thursday nights, September 1. We have a potential babysitter who has been coming over several times a week this month to get to know lo and learn how to put him to bed. She has taken the babysitter course at the hospital and the infant cpr certification.

My issue? She'll be going into 7th grade this year. She's never babysat a 6 month old before. My husband seems to think she'll be fine, it's only Thursday nights from 6:30 until 8:45. Am I overreacting? Would you be comfortable with a babysitter that young and inexperienced? Lo is a fairly easy baby, and her mom does live only 2 blocks away.

Re: Opinion?

  • I would not have a 7th grader babysit my 6 month old alone.  Will your husband be home too?  I have a high school senior come in to help me with my kids and I would not feel comfortable leaving the high school senior alone to babysit my 7 month old.  I have noticed that unless kids are college age and above they are not equipped enough to deal with any issues that may come up with a baby.
  • I'm sure it will be totally fine but I wouldn't do it myself but I'm CRAZY.
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  • I used to babysit an infant when I was about that age.  We lived a few houses down the street and my parents were always home when I was there.  If she's mature and you trust her, it's probably fine, but if you're nervous about it, it's probably better for your piece of mind to find someone older
  • As a mom who has a 7th grader I feel it is fine. My daughter will be 12 on Saturday, has been CPR certified, has been taught how to heat a bottle correctly, and is very mature for her age. She has been babysitting for other families in our church who have young ones also. She always takes her "babysitting cell" (a prepaid cell because I don't think she needs her own cell yet) so that she can call me or the parents she is babysitting for if she has a question. 

    I guess I'm biased because I feel like my own is responsible enough. If you feel like you can trust her then go for it. She sounds well prepared barring experience. Just like most college grads these days...
  • Yeah she seems very mature and is good with him. It's just the experience. But she's learning and she feels comfortable calling her mom for help if needed.
  • Why don't you do a trial run of an hour? It's probably fine and like you said her parents are 2 blocks away. She's getting experience every time she's over to help you out. At some point she will need to be on own with the baby if you intend on having her as a sitter. 
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    I babysat a young baby for someone in my neighbourhood when I was 15 or so and had zero experience. My mom arranged it, so they were even strangers. It was completely fine. The baby mostly slept and I just did homework.

    That said, my stepson is going I to grade 8 and there's no chance in hell I would let him babysit LO. I think it completely depends on the specific kid and their maturity level. If you trust her enough to already start training her, I'd consider that a great sign.

  • My cousin's 12 year old is certified and I would let her watch my son in a heartbeat.  He loves her and she positively dotes on him.  I wouldn't let his 17 year old cousin watch him in a million years though.  Her phone would get more attention than my son.  I would do it if you get the impression that she takes the task very serious.  I'm sure you can break away to call and check up.  Her mom is probably going to be equally nervous and will check in too. 
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    I personally would not feel comfortable with someone that young putting my baby to bed/home alone.
  • I babysat my little cousins at that age and a few neighbours. Its all about comfort. Like you said her parents are just a few blocks away. I personally would do it. But I'd also have to know the girl well. If it was someone who I knew the parents but didnt know the girl much then no. its good you have her there with you a few nights to show her the ropes! 
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