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Tubal or just chemical?

After six years of trying my husband and I finally got a positive pg test. My hcg levels went from 65 to 121 to 39. They told me I was having a chemical pregnancy. My first beta showed low progesterone so the put me on suppositories. I had what felt to me like a normal period 2 days after stopping progesterone. Heavy with a few clots. I bled for six days then stopped bleeding for six, then started again! They brought me in for another beta and it was still at 29 after more than two weeks. I have now been bleeding for  10 additional days. I also have some sharp pains in my right side, but nothing too terrible I can't stand. It might also be good to mention I came down with an uti during the six days I was not bleeding.  I guess it could be that but it feels different to me. Anyway I'm going in tomorrow for another ultrasound and blood test to see what's going on. I was just wondering if anyone had any similar situation.  Does this sound like it could be a tubal? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Re: Tubal or just chemical?

  • if you are at all worried about a tubal, I would call your doctor ASAP. you want to try to preserve your tube (s) if possible. 

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