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XP: Thoughts on Lovenox? Should I insist?

Okay, SO - I know no one here is my doctor or medical professional. But - can I ask some advice? 

I'm currently 8+4 and wondering if I need Lovenox.

Here's my history:

2010 - son #1 born at 40w, no complications 

2013 - 2 miscarriages and D&Cs (1 blighted ovum, 1 after SCH)  

RPL panel came back normal

2014 - son #2 born at 41w, I took baby aspirin & progesterone during the pregnancy

2016 - 21 week loss due to suspected placental insufficiency - specifically, fetal thrombotic vasculopathy and uneven villous maturation. The baby was chromosomally normal, I have low blood pressure, and my membranes weren't ruptured. I have no diagnosed thrombophilias.

My question: I am currently taking baby aspirin. Should I ask the MFM I'm seeing on Monday to prescribe heparin as well?  My RE thought the baby aspirin would be enough since placenta formation from 4-12 weeks is key and since the clots were small, not large, in the placenta. 
Has anyone experienced this? Any advice? Both the MFM and RE don't think Lovenox is neccesary - BUT I want to do anything I can to avoid another horrible horrible loss at 21 weeks. TIA!


2010: son born 9/1 

2013: 2 miscarriages + d&cs, both at 10 weeks: April & July

2014: son #2 born 6/29

2016: Baby girl stillborn at 21w6d 4/29 and baby boy stillborn at 20w 3d 11/16

Re: XP: Thoughts on Lovenox? Should I insist?

  • I will tell you my background. I have had two losses one at 18 weeks and one at 28 weeks. I finally had a successful pregnancy and I had to deliver at 34 weeks. That pregnancy was due to my fertility doctor prescribing Lovenox starting at 8 weeks. I was also on baby aspirin and high blood pressure meds as I seem to get preeclampsia but do not show the signs for it.

    Both of my losses were due to placental abruption which can be due to blood issues even though my blood work came back negative for any blood disorders. 

    All I can say the injections are rough but worth it. Talk with your doctors and let them know your concerns. My doctor said its difficult prescribing blood thinners during pregnancy as it has to be a strong reason. 

    Good luck!!

  • If you think that will give you so much comfort and if you feel you need it and if it has no side effect for you or the baby (I know it doesn't have anything big I have been on innohep) then I would suggest requesting for one.

    One gyno (when I was taking)said if it gives me mental comfort you can go ahead and take it.
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  • I was put on aspirin and lovenox for this pregnancy. I had my daughter at 37 weeks with preeclampsia and I had a loss at 32 weeks. The dr said I am on the fence for needing it but he felt it could make a huge difference. I am currently 25 week with my healthiest pregnancy. I agree that if you think it's worth it then keep asking. It seems to really be helping me along. 
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