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How common is spotting, truly? Tw

I'm six weeks today with my rainbow baby, and I'm struggling because I've had some tiny spotting seven days ago, two days ago, and today. My mc was in June and I'm hoping the spotting is just because things are still sensitive down there or something. 

I've had implantation cramping ever since the day I implanted and it comes and goes but I never know if it's normal implantation cramping or something to sorry about. 

But with Angel baby I had spotting that started like this at 8 weeks and gradually got worse, so of course I'm freaking out. It's only a little pinkish or maybe brownish when I wipe, but still. 

Had blood work done Tuesday to see if things looked ok, and the nurse was really excited about my hcg levels (18,000) and moved my first ob appointment/ultrasound to next Wednesday. So that's really encouraging that I don't have to wait long, but to get the point: how common is spotting like that at five and six weeks? Can anyone ease my mind about it? With my mc stating this way, and since it happened only a couple of months ago, my anxiety is through the roof. 

Thank you all. 
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Re: How common is spotting, truly? Tw

  • I forgot to ask: anyone know if it might be caused by arousal? Hubby and I decided no sex in first trimester because we didn't want to have to deal with even seeing spotting at all, but to feel close we've been making out and such and I was pretty aroused last night (sorry tmi!) and remembered the same thing happened the first time I spotted, but not the second. But maybe I'm grasping at straws. 
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  • Spotting can have so many causes. If it's only tiny amounts and not bright red I wouldn't worry. Any irritation to the cervix could cause it, so possibly arousal. Bowel movements are another common cause. 


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  • I would encourage you to not look at the spotting as it's own event. What's going on aside from the spotting, where are your symptoms at, do you feel pregnant, did you do anything that might have caused some cervical irritation etc? I would have mild spotting after sex during my first successful pregnancy. When I spotted with my miscarriage I think I intuitively knew what was happening/that something wasn't quite right. I never really "felt" pregnant and wasn't surprised when I started spotting.  This pregnancy I did have some light pink spotting after orgasm and I always have contractions after that as well (every pregnancy). 

    Have you asked your doctor? Are you on any progesterone supplements that might be making your cervix extra irritable?

    Sending you some good vibes that things settle down for you!
  • I don't have any statistics for how common it is but I know I had brown spotting at 5 weeks and bright red bleeding at 6 weeks and I am now 20 weeks. They never found a cause for my bleeding and I know several other posters from my BMB and a few other boards I participate on that have had spotting and actual blood flow and their babies are all doing well. FX for you and your bean!
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  • Spotting is very common - I dont have stats. I spotted at 5 weeks and had bright red blood at 6 weeks currently 18 weeks. My cervix is very sensitive. I was put on pelvic rest and little to no exercise. Drink lots of water and rest for awhile. Fx for you! 

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  • I did not spot with my first PG (sucessful/healthy). I spotted light red with my second PG between week 6 and 7 and miscarried. I am now 15 weeks PG and had brown spotting for maybe 5 weeks from a positive PG test until maybe 10 weeks. 

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  • 25% of healthy pregnancies have spotting is the stat I've always read. Bright red typically is more concerning, although that can be SCH and still be ok.

    I've never had spotting, even with my losses, b/c I have had missed m/c both times. Which is it's own special type of bodily deception.

    Hoping your pregnancy is healthy and it's "normal" spotting. I hear you that it's worrisome and concerning for you though based on your past loss experience. Hugs.

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  • I'm one of the crazy bleeders @ceclarlinetlo is talking about. I've had constant brown spotting that has been relentless since the middle of my 5th week. I've had two large bright red hemorrhages, with no explanation given. US looks fine, LO looks great, no SCH etc. I am on pelvic rest/no exercise until further notice, however.

    I've had spotting to varying degrees each time I've been pregnant. In fact, this pregnancy has been the worst, yet I'm the furthest I've ever been (10w5d today). I heard the heartbeat with my doppler this morning.

    I don't want to give false hope that these symptoms are "normal," yet it is possible to spot and even bleed heavily and maintain a pregnancy. It is definitely not helpful when you are PGAL, that's for sure. Fx everything is ok for you.
  • As long as you don't gush bright red like a period it might come with the territory after a loss for some ladies. I had pink blood when I wiped Sunday, went to ER and baby was great, spotted very lightly for 2 days, then Wednesday gushed red blood when I woke up, like having a period, more than passing a clot because it was continual (at least I'd think more, never passed clots in a sustained pregnancy). I had bad cramps Tuesday night and couldn't sleep because of them until 3am and took 2 Tylenol (clearly shit was hitting the fan). I've had a missed miscarriage with zero bleeding or cramps at 10 weeks too. My advice is, be proactive letting your doctor know your status, unless it's drastic cramping, try not to worry, it could be a sensitive cervix. 
  • Thank you all. You've been really reassuring. Spotting has stopped and I think it may well be a sensitive cervix as I didn't work yesterday and layed down all day. No spotting or cramping, so rest may be the ticket. Trying to look at my good symptoms as @BornReady suggested! I know with my mc I didn't spot until my symptoms had already started to fade, so I'll cling to that. Thank you all again. 
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  • I'm glad the spotting has stopped.  I had spotting while pregnant with my daughter that went away.  With my MC it progressively got worse.  Fingers crossed for you!

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