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Ankles swelling?

Are anybody else's ankles already swelling? Mine just started yesterday. I'm about 6w3d. I'm drinking more water and cutting down on salty stuff today hoping that helps, but was just wondering how normal it is for this to happen so early.

Re: Ankles swelling?

  • My ankles/feet didn't swell until end of third trimester with DS. The heat right now could have something to do with it, but I would bring it up with your doctor as a precaution!
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  • Don't even say those words!! With DD I had pre-E and the edema was so bad I went up 2 shoes sizes.  I thought the skin was going to burst....
  • @shoegirl1975 mine did burst last time! My issue was just leg swelling and horrible varicose veins and one vein grouping on my ankle got so bad that it ruptured through the skin. Awful all around. 
  • Mine were bad with my first pregnancy, but not until the third trimester. When will you see your ob to mention it?

    @Dannylion24 that sounds so terrible and painful! Do you know of any tips to help keep it from happening this time around? I remember some friends having to wear compression stockings.
  • @bluthsbananas after last pregnancy I had an ablation procedure done to collapse the superficial vein system so hopefully that will help somewhat, but I need to get in to see my vascular specialist bc I had that procedure completed with the understanding that I was finished having children so I don't know that he'll be thrilled at this 'surprise!' At the very least I see the lovely compression stockings in my future, but I'm starting this pregnancy more than 60 lbs lighter than my last one so I'm praying that will help with some of the issues. Thanks for asking!
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