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5 Good Things

Tell us 5 good/positive things that are going on! 

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Provera | January 2016 | 46 Days since last AF
1st round of Femara 2.5mgs | January 2016 | No response
Provera | February 2016 | 44 Days since last AF
2nd round of Femara 5mgs | March 2016 | O CD18 | AF 3/28/2016
3rd round of Femara 5mgs | March/April 2016 | No response | AF 5/6/2016
4th round of Femara 7.5mgs | May 2016 | BFP June 4, 2015
EDD: 2/15/2017 | Loss Discovered: 6/11/2016 | NMC: 6/15/2015
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Gonal-F 75 IU upped to 112.5IU | July 2016 | IUI July 27, 2016 | Beta: August 10, 2016 | + Beta 171!
BFP on Digi 8/8/2016 | Beta #2: 396 = 39 hour doubling time | Beta #3: 1659 = 34 hour doubling time
First ultrasound: August 17, 2016; 5 weeks; Gestational Sac and yolk
Second ultrasound: August 25, 2016; 6W+1D; Heartbeat 105bpm
Third ultrasound: August 31, 2016; 7 weeks; Heartbeat 136bpm
Graduated from RE: August 31, 2016
EDD: April 17, 2017


Re: 5 Good Things

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  • @KirstinH88, yes, it is!  We were supposed to close on a house last month and at the very last minute the sellers backed out on us.  We had started packing, though, so like 40% of my house has been packed for almost 2 months.  Plus, my husband gave our couches away, so we've only had our recliner to sit on in the living room.  I'm just so excited for this next chapter!
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  • 3.  I got my prenatal labs done today for my US/1st appt on Monday.  They look good and I didn't pass out!  (although I did pee all over my hand...so hope everyone gets a giggle out of that).
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't pee in a cup without peeing all over my hand. I always feel like the biggest moron. 
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  • I'm too tired to add my own list, but wanted to chime in that this thread makes me happy! 

  • 1. We are getting closer and closer to finalizing wedding plans! Woot woot! After being engaged for almost 2 years we're finally getting married!!!

    2. My United Kingdom Marriage VISA got approved!!! Yay!!!

    3. My FI is the kindest and most caring man. He is so excited for this pregnancy which makes me even more excited. He nicknamed the baby "Bean" and asks me every morning how we're feeling. He also likes reading the little updates on the app. I can't wait until he can finally see it during our ultrasound. 

    4. I don't have any appointments today at work! Yay!! 

    5. It's FRIDAY and we're going to get TJ tacos for dinner!!
  • 1. I was able to pull off giving my toddler a haircut (not blended as well, but not bad for a first timer)
    2. I got pregnant this time without having to use an ovulation kit (truly a little miracle)!
    3. Work gave us free tacos today!
    4. Its Friday!
    5. I get to leave work early today!
  • mallyandryanmallyandryan member
    edited August 2016
    1.  Saw a teeny tiny heartbeat on the US this morning.  Only six week so I will see again in two weeks.

    2. I am currently eating pizza in a comfy chair with my feet up.

    3.  My two year old wants to "nuggle momma" and watch a movie tonight ... Done and done

    4.   My whole family is coming next weekend for my dad's 70th birthday. The perks of living on the coast is everyone wants to come to you for special occasions. We are going to tell them then. 

    5. It's the WEEKEND!
  • This is cute!  I want to play!  Mine are simple:
    1. It's Friday!
    2. I survived the first week of Kindergarten!
    3. Tomorrow is Saturday and the next is Sunday!
    4. That means I get to spend the whole weekend with R!
    5. Sleep is near! Naps are in my future for the next two days!
    **TW kids and loss mentioned**

    -- DS 3.8.14
    -- MC 9.22.16 at 8 wks

  • 1. My kiddos come back to class tomorrow. I had the best class I've ever had last year, and I'm cycling up with them this year! 

    2. My sister called me this week to say her and her wife are starting fertility appointments! She doesn't know I'm pregnant but I'm excited that these 2 cousins will be close in age. 

    3. My husband and I are starting to plan a baby moon. 

    4. My first doctors appointment is Wednesday evening. It's with the Doctor that did my hsg that showed my tubes were potentially blocked. I was supposed to have surgery in 2 weeks for it. I'm excited to tell her I'm part of the 15% where it's a false positive! 

    5. I'm skyping with my dad today. Hoping he will come visit this year! 
    TTC1: May 2015
    Primary IF May 2016; Failed HSG; Scheduled Lap Sept. 2016
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    DD: May 1, 2017
    TTC2: June 2019
    CP September 2019
    Lap and repeat HSG scheduled December 2019
    BFP: November 24, 2019/EDD: August 2, 2020
  • Thank you for this -- so uplifting!
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