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I don't want to forget...

During a night of little sleep last night it occurred to me that there will come a day when sweet little sleepy arms won't cling to me in the middle of the night. It made me think about all the things that I want to remember (and cherish!) about this special time. I don't want forget: 

The way David leans into me with his mouth wide open to suck on my cheeks or face or chin. 

The sweet grunts of enjoyment he makes when he tries, and loves, a new food. 

The total kick he gets out of kisses from his big sister (our dog).

These are just a few! Anyone else?

Re: I don't want to forget...

  • The face he makes when he's finished eating and falls asleep - he pokes his lips out - it's my favorite and I want to remember it forever 
  • Oh gosh, everything is flying by, I'm afraid I'm going to forget a ton.  For right now:

    -the fact that the song Yellow Submarine (and ONLY the song Yellow Submarine) will calm Rose down when she's mid cry.  

    -Rose smiles constantly and is a very happy baby, but to make her actually laugh is tough!  So when we do, it's magical.  :)

    -she loves being outside - whether it's in her stroller or sitting on mom or dad's lap on our balcony, it instantly puts her in a calm, happy mood

    -also, the fact that she likes NONE of the things I expected she'd like and that are currently trendy for babies.  She hates: co sleeping, sleeping in a bassinet and baby wearing.  She likes, her stroller, her crib (from literally day one!) and when mom and dad actually hold her and carry her around (NOT in the Ergo or Moby wrap, lol.)  She is a very independent baby with her own strong likes and dislikes, haha.

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  • The way he actually says "ha ha ha" whenever he laughs
  • That little gummy smile! LO started showing some more legitimate signs of teething the past few days and I've been an emotional wreck! 
    I know for sure I won't want to forget that middle of the night cuddle bonding time. 
    Basically every noise he makes right now. I know one day it will turn into actual words and sentences and I will miss those little goos and gaaas
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  • The way she loves to snuggle. How she squels with delight. When her daddy kisses her she smiles and scrunches up her face and clenches her fist because his beard tickles. 
  • I have one more! She smiles real big when we say "God bless you"
  • Oh goodness.
    The way she has to pay with her hair to fall asleep. 
    The way she laughs at her brother. She chases him everywhere! 
    The silly things she does with her tongue. I don't think it's ever in her mouth! 
    The way she lights up and calls for Dada when she sees him. 
  • Another for me is the smell of his head! I've loved it since the first moment they put him on my chest! I also love the way his fuzzy little hair feels against my face when I rock him and kiss him. 

    Ok- this thread is officially making me cry. I'm loving his age now but I'm already getting sad ab all the early things. 
  • So many things. The angle of looking at her when she is looking over my shoulder and her eyes are wide open taking everything in. This little dove hoo sound and smile she makes when she sees me, DH, my parents, or our kitties. Her laugh...we too have a happy baby who smiles a lot but giggles only come when she's really tickled by something, it is the best sound ever. She's stopped doing it, but the screeches and squeals she made when first discovering she had a voice.  And the feeling of her head against my neck or chest. Reading these is definitely making me tear up. This is such a sweet short stage. I confess I cried ugly tears when I packed away all her 6 month clothes recently.
  • So many things! The way she "talks" and plays with her feet while trying to fall asleep in her crib. Everything about breastfeeding, especially in the middle of the night - how she coos, her warm body cuddled close to mine, how she either likes to hold my boobs or my hand while nursing. Her face expression when we help her stand and walk - she looks so proud and excited. Her laugh. Her big gummy smile. How she opens and closes her fist when exploring her world. Her WTF face when she eats food. 
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