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Hi ladies.  I just wanted to introduce myself before I jump in to any threads. I had an emergency D&C on August 19 due to extreme blood loss during my M/C (I was 9 weeks). It was quite the dramatic event involving me passing out on the toilet and my husband calling 911. It's taken awhile for me to recover and I'm just starting to think about when we will be able to try again.  This was my first M/C and I'm so nervous about trying again after such a dramatic event but also ready to put this all behind me and move forward.  

What I'm most worried about is my lining being thick enough to try again eventually.  I've been trying to research and will follow up with my doctor to ask questions but I'm wondering if you ladies know any natural remedies to help recover? I'm thinking of doing acupuncture but I'm also wanting to take some supplements and vitamins.  I'm on extra iron since I lost so much blood and still taking my prenatal.  My doctor was really vague about when it's ok to try again or any follow up information really so I feel like my head is spinning until I can get in for a real follow up (vs the info I got when released from the hospital).  I know I should wait for at least one period and I'm not sure I will be emotionally ready then.  Any information or general experiences would be great.  (Not asking you when I Should try so hopefully it doesn't sound like that) Thankful for a community like this I can turn to in this time . Sorry for such a long story! 

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  • Welcome. I am so very sorry for your loss and that you find yourself in this impossible place.

    There is absolutely no easy answer on when to try again, it depends on how you feel emotionally (and physically!) Hopefully you and your OB have a good relationship and he or she can give you the best medical advice on when your body may be ready to try again. I was told 1 cycle from my OB after having 2 D&Cs and significant hemorrhaging after the 2nd and a perforation of the uterus... 

    We decided for emotional reasons to wait longer and 6 months after my loss we are just done with our first cycle trying (it was not successful). I wanted to get some stuff done before trying again. I needed space between another first trimester. Thats not the answer for everyone though. 
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  • Sorry you find yourself here.  I agree with @ladipale that it TTCAL all depends on when your doctor OKs it and how you mentally feel.  Some ladies get back to trying almost right away, others are benched either by their doctors or their own emotional states for months.  

    As for trying to strengthen your uterine wall, you could try raspberry leaf tea.  It's supposed to have a bunch of positive healing qualities.  A friend recommended it to me and so I drink it, although no idea if it actually is helping or not!

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  • Sorry for your loss @ladipale

    I second the raspberry leaf tea. I drink it daily now per the recommendation of my acupuncture lady. I love the taste 
  • Thanks ladies and sorry for your losses as well.  

    I have added red raspberry tea leaf to my list! I've also read vitamin E can help.  I guess I'm just worried with my high blood loss plus D&C that I will have lining issues. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can have a follow up ultrasound to check but I also think that might make me sound crazy.  Hoping to find an acupuncturist that can help me feel like I have a game plan.  
  • Thank you ladies for all the great recommendation and sharing your experience.  I lost my first and only pregnancy March 2015 and I started trying again March 2016. I have been on prenatal this whole time and have not gotten pregnant and I am worried because of my age (late 30's) should I consider other supplements? 
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    I'm so sorry for your loss and will vouch for raspberry leaf tea and acupuncture as well. My lining was very thin (less than 6 mm at 7 DOO) after my 2nd D&C in 6 months. My first post-D&C period last one day, after drinking RLT for a month and going to weekly acupuncture, it was up to 2 days this last cycle. Hoping for a BFP this cycle, but at least a 3 day period. My RE says that it's the lining pattern matters as much as the lining thicknesses.
  • @JessyKV I'm sorry you're here and that the whole thing was so scary. Of course a lot of it is going to depend on what your doctor says after your follow-up and where your heart is. But, as far as what I understand to be your concern about your endometrium being sufficient enough to try again eventually, the body is resilient. The cases where there is a continuing problem with lining are rare. It may take a cycle or two but in my understanding, even in a scary case like yours, this is usually much bigger event for you emotionally than it is for your body. 

    This is is not to say you should skip the RRL tea, accupuncture, vitamin e, or anything else because even if those things actually did nothing, it helps me to feel like I'm in control and doing everything I can. In fact I'm going to order some RRL tea tonight. 
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  • Thank you @Kiki75 .  I think feeling like I have control over something even just taking supplements helps me feel more in control in general and after such a traumatic event I think I need that.  If that makes sense.  
  • @JessyKV  It makes complete sense. I'm absolutely the same way.
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  • Welcome to our supportive group. I'm very sorry for your loss. I was told that everything was looking good 2 weeks after a d&e, but my cycles have been longer and heavier. Different people have different experiences though. I did hear good things about both accupuncture and raspeberry leaf tea, but I didn't try either. Goog luck moving forward and keep us posted.
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  • So sorry for your loss. I'm going to just say the same thing that everyone else has said, I would definitely try the RRL tea. I will be hoping and praying that you get your BFP very soon! 
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  • I'm very sorry you find yourselves here @JessyKV and @angelkat01

    @JessyKV the best advice I have for you is that you'll know when you are mentally ready, I've had three losses, an early loss and two second trimester losses (22 and 17 weeks) after my first loss in February 2015 I didn't even wait a cycle, husband and I decided we were ready to jump to it right away, and by March 2015 I was pregnant again. That pregnancy ended at 22 weeks after I went into premature labor, after that loss I gave myself some time and tried again after three cycles. Got pregnant again in December and loss my baby boy in April 2016. I'm still too scared to try again but in the past few weeks I'm beginning to get excited with the thought of being pregnant again, it has taken longer this time but I'm getting there. Just be kind to yourself, your mind and your body and eventually you'll get there again. 

    @angelkat01 I have read that maca could work wonders, maybe look it up, you never know. Hugs. 
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  • @fiorip Thank you and thanks for sharing your story.  I'm so sorry for your loses and I pray for your sweet rainbow babe.  
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