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Grunting Straining and Turning Bright Red When Eating

We started solids at 5 months after getting the OK from the dr.  Baby LOVED them and couldn't get enough. About 3 weeks ago (around 7 months maybe a little before) she stopped liking them as much.  She will eat about 1/3 of the serving and then turn bright red and grunt and strain - mixture of looking like she is trying to poop or choke (these are baby food pouch purees or cereal so there isn't anything for her to choke on and she isn't choking).  If I remove the tray part of the highchair or move her to sit up on the floor, I can usually get another 10 spoonfuls in before she does this again.  We see a pediatric osteopath (in addition to our pediatrician) and I mentioned this today to him and he didn't seem overly concerned but didn't give any answers.  I'm going to try to cut out cereal for a week as that seems to cause this the most, and then call the pediatrician.  Does anyone else's LO do this? 

Re: Grunting Straining and Turning Bright Red When Eating

  • Have you tried giving solid food, as opposed to baby food? I know some babies gag/choke on purees and do fine on solids. No expert--just a shot in the dark. 
  • Thanks- can I try that even though she doesn't have any teeth yet?
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  • usually eating causes the GI system to 'wake up' and can make baby feel like pooping. Is it possible she is constipated? Or gassy? 
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  • They don't use their teeth to chew anyways. They just mash the food with their gums. My LO gags and threw up once on certain puréed foods but can eat pieces of well cooked carrots, noodles, and other soft foods. She didn't start food until she was almost 6 months and now at almost 7 she still doesn't eat a lot. But she is growing, happy, and only waking once at night for a quick nurse between 2-4 so I'm not worried at this point. 
  • My baby does this exact thing! I always figured it was poop or gas he was struggling to get out because he's sitting on his high chair. Lots of times he does poop during dinner lol I was never concerned, if baby seems fine I wouldn't worry too much about it but that's just me :) if it's really concerning you def bring it up to another doc :) we also do BLW so he's getting regular food! 
  • I don't even cook things. My doctor said they'd get just as much nutrients from sucking and gumming a raw vegetable as they would something where the majority of nutrition is cooked out of it.
    She can pulverize cucumber pretty good, though. 
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