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Miscarriage and separating

Has anyone on here gone through a split after their miscarriage? If so how did you deal? I'm finding what seems really hard is the thought that we will never have a baby together. That our dream won't ever become a reality. It was within reach but taken away. Does anyone else struggle with that reality?

Losing our baby was so painful. Then to add a breakup into the mix and him moving out of the house. It has been literally the worst things I could have imagined all rolled into one. I'm trying to stay strong and positive but it's so hard some days when my whole world has been flipped upside down. I feel like I'm living in some sort of twilight zone.

Re: Miscarriage and separating

  • I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through such awful things so close together...I haven't gone through a split, but imagine that would be so hard.  Do you have any close friends or family nearby to support you in this difficult time?
  • I'm so sorry, I can only imagine how hard you have it. I wish I had advice or some sort of comfort for you but I can only say how sorry I am. I hope you can find peace with this situation, as heartbreaking as it is. 
    I'm 29, husband is 30
    Together since 2006
    Married 01.17.15  <3

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