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5 cell embryo success stories

hey guys,

Had my transfer today and the prognosis does not seem very good. I had three embryos to start. The two they transferred in me were 5 cell and 4 cell. Any success stories with such low odds? My RE said it doesn't look good but I have my young age on my side to make up for it a bit. What do you guys think? This will be the longest two weeks of my life. 

Re: 5 cell embryo success stories

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    Was your trans a three day or a five day trans?  I have read success stories on 3 day lower cell count transfers.
    Me: 41  DH: 44  DD: 9
    IVF: ER 7/16 40 follies, 23 eggs, 19 mature,
    12 fert w/icsi, 6 blasts, 3 PGS norm, 1 unknown.

    FET: 9/1/16 transferred 1 CP beta 5.9
    FET 2: 11/15/16 transferred 1 CP again!
    FET 3: TBD

  •  It was a 3 day transfer. The 5 cell embryo was actually only 4 cells but when they went to get the embryo, the embryologist came back and said it developed a 5th cell. So the fact that it is still growing is somewhat encouraging but I wish I had some statistics for reassurance. @bells52000
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  • Hi, Mous! Each time we did it 5-day transfer. So I don't have experience with 3-day transfer. I have endo and PCOS, dh is ok. We had to use donor egg with ivf. And our Biotexcom clinic deals only with 5-day blasts.
    We had 3 shots, transferred 2 embies each time. Everything looked nice each time, but then sth went wrong, though embies quality was amazing. Well the explanation was given, some changes into the treatment done. And finally we conceived. You know, embie quality is not enough. The environment he is in is very important. So being in your shoes I wouldn't think of the worst at all. Who knows, maybe your body is so nicely prepared that the embies started developing the first minute they were placed in ;) Dear Mous, I have my fingers crossed for you and wish you all luck in the world! <3
  • thanks for your insight,
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