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New to Group and mention of child and a recent loss

Hi All!
My name is Holly and I am a Registered Nurse in Madison, Wisconsin. My husband and I are both 36 and our only son, Finn, will be turning 5 in 1 month. 
Last Fall we discovered at 12 weeks that I had a triploidy pregnancy which was confirmed through U/S and genetic testing to be a partial hydatidiform mole. I had a D & C around 13 weeks and was told to have my HCG levels monitored weekly and then monthly for 6 months to ensure they did not rise (which could mean malignancy). 
We have been actively TTC for the past three months with no success. Have a Consult with a Fertility Specialist in a week, which I am super anxious for. I really want to know if my labs or husband's sperm are keeping us out each month.

I will try to check back on here daily, and I am excited to find a group that is specifically for 35 and older.

Hope to get to know you all!


Re: New to Group and mention of child and a recent loss

  • Hi Holly and welcome! I'm sorry for your loss, can't imagine how rough that must have been. This is a great support, especially given that we are all over 35. I'm just north of Des Moines so not too far away (although I'm a CA/NY transplant while my husband finishes grad school at ISU). Anyhow, welcome again and I wish you all the best in TTC!
  • Hello and welcome, Holly.  So sorry to hear of your loss.  I hope you find lots of support here as the women here are very helpful, supportive, and a great sounding board on just about everything TTC and non-TTC.  Wishing you lots of luck!!!!
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
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  • Welcome Holly!  I'm so sorry for your loss.  But this is a great, supportive group.  FX you get some answers soon!
    Me: 45 OH: 42
    Beloved SS: born 12/2011
    TTC my bio #1/our #2 since January 2016
    **TW** June 2016 had CP **end TW**
    August 2016 - dx with DOR
    Somewhere in here received recommendation to do IVF with donor eggs, elected not to; OH dx with Low T
    May 2017 - began freezing sperm
    June 2017 - OH began treatment for Low T
    July 2017 - began doing 1 IUI via a midwife and 1 at home insemination each cycle
    July 2018 - exhausted frozen sperm, officially NTNP since OH is probably shooting blanks

  • Hi Holly,
    Welcome : )  So sorry for your loss.  I am pretty new here but the ladies here are super kind and supportive.  GL at your consult next week.
    Me: 36  DH:35
    Married: 7/10/2016
    TTC#1 - May 2016
    BFP 9/6/2016 - Missed MC 10/20/2016  
    BFP 5/5/2017  - CP
    IVF #1 - June 2017  - Transferred 1 fresh 4 AA embryo.  7/9 Beta #1 - 161 
    <3 Adam <3 Born on 3/18/18

  • Welcome Holly.  I'm sorry for your loss.  We are happy you are here and wish you luck at your appt next week.  Let us know how it goes.  
    History and blog link in spoiler
    2016 - dx with super low ovarian reserve; failed cycle with clomid, failed IUI, 
    2017 - egg retrieval #1 - 3 eggs, 0 embryos appropriate for transfer; ER #2 2 eggs, 0 embryos on day 3; ER #3 1 egg 0 embryos
    moved to donor egg in summer 2017; 35 eggs retrieved; 19 fertilized; 9 total embryos
    Fresh transfer Dec 2017= BFP!  baby boy born 8/22/18

    May 2019 - surprise natural pregnancy ended in MC
    Nov 2019 FET; MC at 9 weeks
    May 2020 FET; BFN
    July 2020 FET; CP treated with methotrexate
    Oct 2020 BFP! 

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  • Hi Holly - I just intro'd today as well so not sure I'm allowed to say welcome yet :-). 

    I just went through all the testing last couple months as we were TTC with no success. Testing was nerve racking but I am glad we did as we now have a better sense of our plan. 

    Hang in there and wishing you all the best and a short stay on this board in this journey. 

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