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disrupting daily routine for a period of time?

I have what may be a silly question, though feedback would be great.  We'll be flying across the country and staying with my father-in-law/sister-in-law/family for about 10 days next month, when my daughter will be about 3 1/2 month.  Right now, we have some very basic morning/night routines.  Morning, we get up and change her diaper/change her into clothes, then I have her do tummy time/play on her play mat for about 20 minutes, then we read a book.  In PM, we change her into bed clothes, feed her, and put her to sleep.  I have no concerns about maintaining the PM routine, but I'm not sure about the ability to maintain the AM routine.  I was looking to see how much playmats are, and they're a bit expensive to buy just to have one out there.  (I don't know if bringing ours is a feasible option--is it?)  I'm a bit concerned about throwing off her routine too much, as we'll be in a new place, plus routines are nice I know. She's a pretty easy going baby, so maybe it won't be an issue, and maybe I'm just being too concerned.  But any thoughts/advice/feedback, would be really great.  Thank you!  

Re: disrupting daily routine for a period of time?

  • Personally I'd try to retain the routine as much as possible. However, it can be difficult to do so in a different environment.

    Perhaps you can pick out the most key routines to keep up, like the bed time routine. Best of luck and enjoy your trip!
  • I think that may be a good plan, doing the key points.  Thank you!
  • Maybe look into diy playmats? When I take my LO out to visit family for a day she is just as intrigued by laying on a thick or well folded blanket and looking at new ceiling fans or self standing mirrors as she is the toys hanging from her mat. 
  • Oh that's a good idea.  And we do have a mobile that can be moved around.  Maybe that can be incorporated somehow.  Thank you!
  • Bring a blanket to use that is fun to look at, like one that has a high contrast pattern. We have some receiving blankets with forest critters on them that DD loves to stare at
  • I'm not sure what your home like is life (quiet?), but I found when we traveled a month ago (she was 2 months old) to visit my family, that she got overstimulated (as did I). Just simply staying up until 9 talking or trying that one time to go out to eat, while I was BFing for her epic and multiple afternoon/evening feeds, threw off her sleep schedule, and thus ours. It maybe different if you are are bottle feeding, but you may need to have quiet time for a couple of hours in your room prior to trying to put her down. The good news was that she immediately went back to her normal schedule (of night sleeping anyway).

    Also, she loved the ceiling fan at their house. And they also make very small, interesting toys for tummy time. I have one that has 4 squares, bright colors, a mirror, crunchy stuff, smooth stuff, etc. Just put that on a blanket there, is what I would opt for.
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