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IVF Clinic experience

Hello all, 

I have been following the blogs for quite some time as I have been navigating this cruel world of infertility. I would love to share my experience with the clinic I have been to and ask if anyone else has experienced the treatment I have. 

It all started when my medications were ordered and sent to a pharmacy without my knowledge. This was a pharmacy that was no where near my home (an hour away). Some were sent to my insurance company to be filled as well. The staff never monitored or informed me of where my prescriptions were sent. After hassling them for the information, they informed me. On top of all that, they were sent to places that my insurance company wouldn't pay for, and required that they get sent to a specialty pharmacy that the insurance company would allow. It was a process of pulling teeth to make sure that the staff sent the prescriptions to the proper place all while hoping that it got done on time before my IVF cycle was to begin. 

The nurse handling my case was rude and abrasive, blaming ME for how last minute everything was. It was only last minute because I needed to work my full time job as well as do her job for her and make sure that things were being taken care of pretty much daily. 

In the middle of my stim cycle, the office called to let me know what my daily doses should be. On this list was a new medication that they never ordered for me. You can imagine my anxiety on this weekend afternoon when I needed to drive an hour and a half away to pick up a prescription sample from their office because they never ordered my complete prescription protocol. Mind you, I had just come back from that office for my daily monitoring. No apology, no sympathy. At that point, I realized no one on their end was taking their job seriously. Next to oncology, this field is the most sensitive in the medical world. Yet, no one seemed to care. I felt like I was just another number to them. Another statistic without a name or emotion.

When I needed a second prescription that was not ordered for me in time, I had to ask, what is this prescription used for and why wasn't it initially included in my protocol? The nurse's response : "Because youre special." That basically summed up what their attitude was towards me and my husband this entire experience. This condescending response resonated with me the entire process. I couldn't ask a question about my status without getting a sarcastic or brief response. 

I envy all these other bloggers that had documented every little statistic on their IVF journey. I found myself stressed out by the lack of help and care from these nurses, rather than by the regular stresses that come with IVF. 

Re: IVF Clinic experience

  • Wow. I am so sorry that you've had such a horrid experience. Is it possible to go to a different clinic? If so, you should definitely look into that.
    About us:
    Me - 28, Lean PCOS
    DH - 31
    Married June 2010, TTC since March 2014
    Blog: ourbinarystar.com

    FET cycle #3 Transfer July 28th 2016, Triplets born healthy on February 26th 2017 at 33w1d!

  • Hi @Mous I'm so sorry to hear about your challenges with the clinic. That sounds awful. It's already hard enough to go through this, no need to have some condescending nurse make it even worse.
    I would recommend you change clinic if you still can. Maybe it's a bit late in the process, so maybe you can just ask to be assigned a different nurse? It's really important that you are with a doctor/nurse and clinic that make you feel comfortable and important. You should never be treated like just a number and they should listen to your concerns and answer your questions. As you said, this is a very delicate and sensitive speciality and you should demand only the best for yourself and your future family. 
    Wishing you a lot of strength on your journey.
    Me: 38, DH: 40 living in Asia
    TTC since March 2015 with known PCOS and MIF
    IVF in 2015. FET nr 3 in 2016 - BFP. Healthy baby girl born in April 2017.
    Trying for nr 2

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  • Switch-- fast!  you should be treated better! Before you invest too much time, emotions and money--- switch!  Wishing you lots of luck. 
    Me 30 || DH 36
    Unexplained Infertility- Postive for MTHFR Gene Mutation

    Natural cycles with 1 miscarriage
    -3 IUI's w/ Clomid= BFN 
    -IVF #1-Follistim and Menopur= BFN
    ***11 Eggs, 10 mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 1 (day 5) 2 made it to freeze
    -FET #1- Transferred 2, day 5 embryos =BFN
    -IVF #2- Follistim and Menopur = BFN
    ***11 retrieved, 8 mature, 6 fertilized, transferred 2 (day 3), 4 made it to freeze (Follistim and Menopur) = BFN
    -FET #2- Transferred 2, day 3 embryos = BFN
    **Changed doctor**
    -IUI #4- natural cycle = BFN
    -IUI #5- Follistim (5 eggs) BFP- lead to Miscarriage  :'(
    -Laproscopic Surgery for Endometriosis, Polyp removal and Cyst removal. 
    -IVF #3- Menopur, Follistim, Lupron, Ganirellex- BFP lead to Eptopic Pregnancy  :'(
    ***11 Eggs retrieved, 10 Mature, 8 fertilized, transferred 3 embryos (day 3), 0 made it to freeze
    -Lapropscopic surgery- Removal of Fallopian Tube
    -IVF #4- Estrogen Priming with Vivelle dot, Menopur, Follistim, Ganirellex- BFP  :)
    ***15 Eggs retreived, 11 mature, 11 fertilized, 2 embryos transferred (day 3), 2 made it to freeze
    Found out I was positive for MTHFR Gene Mutation during TWW of IVF #4

  • I wish I could. I had my retrieval done on Sunday. I had 10 eggs retrieved, 8 fertilized, and only 3 made it to Monday's call. We hardly ever get to speak to the RE or an embryologist. So I couldn't exactly get a reason why such a drastic drop from 8 to 3. We don't have any clue whether the three that lasted were in any good shape. I am not hopeful in the least, as this was such a traumatic experience. I can't wait to be done with this clinic and on to the next. 
  • I agree with all other PPs, get out ASAP. That is not the normal standard of care, you deserve better. As far as your result of only 3 embryos, that isn't that drastic of a drop off. I had 6 mature/fertilize with ICSI, only 2 still going on day 5, and 1 PGS normal. 
  • I'm sorry you're going through that @mous.  My clinic's attitude is that IF is stressful enough and it is there job to be supportive, compassionate and helpful.  I wish every clinic felt that way, but sadly they don't.  Before my current clinic, I was at a different clinic for 2 years and looking back I'm upset with myself for wasting all that time.  They did not treat me the way I needed them to and leaving was the best thing I did.  I hope your transfer goes well and you get a BFP, but if you go through those embryos run... don't want... to another clinic if at all possible.  Also, don't be alarmed by the drop from fertilization to day 3.  As others have said, those numbers are not alarming as I have seen situations where some women don't have any make it whereas others have most make it.  It is such a wide range and so many factors.  That said, they should be giving you tons of info about those little embryos and making you feel comfortable/stress free (which they're clearly not!).  Sorry again you're dealing with that and FX for you that things go well from this point forward.
  • @Elyse1384 thanks for the positive feedback. I spoke with the embryologist and they said given my age and good health it is alarming that so many of my follicles turned up so few embryos. She said a big factor could have been triggering too early and the eggs were just not left to mature long enough. I'm really stressing about that, given our RE that's super experienced left halfway through my stims and the brand new doc with less experience decided to trigger me. I really hope this wasn't a waste of a cycle. 
  • Ugh, @mous I can't imagine what you've been through!  All of this is so hard as it is and it's traumatic enough learning about the injections and meds the first time through without all of the extra bs you mentioned coming from the clinic.  I'm so sorry that you've been put through extra stress from your clinic.  If they think it's alarming that all of those follicles turned up few embryos, it sounds to me like it's because they dropped the ball.  It's their job, no matter which doctor, to monitor you and make sure you don't trigger too early.  I know it's difficult to think the worst, but don't count yourself out yet.  FX for you... It does only take 1!  Did you transfer yet?

    Me: 35 DH: 41, Married since 2009

    TTC since June 2012

    Aug. 2012: CP

    2013 Several cycles of TI with Clomid = BFN

    Feb. 2014: IUI = BFN

    June 2014: IUI w/Clomid = BFN

    Jul. 2014: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN

    Apr. 2016: Consult to begin IVF

    May 2016 TI w/Follistim and Ovidrel = BFN

    Jul. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Vitamin D, COQ10, DHEA, Gonal F, Menopur, Cetrotide, Novarel, Leuprolide Acetate: 21 eggs retrieved, (10 w/ ICSI, 11 w/conv. IVF) 13 fertilized

    Jul. 2016: Endometrin, Fresh Transfer 2AB = CP

    7 frozen

    Oct. 2016: BCPs, baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA = CP

    6 frozen

    Nov. 2016: Hospitalized for small bowel obstruction

    Mar. 2017: Diagnostic Laparoscopy = Twist found in intestine - part of small intestine, part of colon, and appendix removed, bowel resection - caused by Endometriosis

    May 2017: 3.75 Lupron Depot

    June 2017: FET postponed due to complex cysts in breasts

    June 2017: Endometrial scratch

    Jul. 2017: Baby aspirin, Estradiol, PIO, FET 4AA (lost 1 4AA in thaw) = CP

    4 frozen

    Sept. 2017: ERA testing

    Oct. 2017: Breast cysts biopsied

    Dec. 2017: FET

  • @mous As others have said I am SO very sorry to hear that you have had such a terrible experience with your clinic. It is heartbreaking to hear that they were so quick to be short and rude with you when you are dealing with something so very important. First off I hope you little embabies continue to fight and that you are able to transfer. I don't think its that drastic as well. I had 23 retrieved, 15 fertilized, 6 frozen day 5 and 2 frozen day 6 and honestly if we had done PGS I think that final number would have been even lower. If this cycle is not successful I hope you are ready to run like the wind to someone who is going to truly care about you and your cycle success!

    Thinking about you girlie.
    Me: 29 DH:38
    First RE Consult 3/9/2016
    IVF ER 5/5/2016
    23 eggs retrieved; 15 mature; 8 developed to embryos; 6 frozen day 5; 2 frozen day 6
    Transfer canceled OHSS
    FET #1 6/2/2016 transferred 2 embryos
    Beta #1 6/15/2016 BFN
    FET #2 8/1/2016 transferred last 2 embryos (lost 4 in the thaw)
    Beta #1 8/12/16 BFN
    IVF #2: Started stims 12/2 
    ER #2 12/14/2016; 16 follies retrieved, 8 fertilized to day 1, 4 frozen day 5, and 1 frozen day 6
    Praying my frosties are strong through the next thaw FX
    FET # 3 2/07/2017 2 embabies thawed 2 embabies transferred
    2/14/2017 *TW* First ever BFP
    Beta #1 2/20/2017 277 Beta #2 2/23/2017 8,945...did I hear you right!
    3/10/2017 One beating heart HR 168!! So very happy
    3/10/2017 Official graduate from Jones Institute for Reproductive Health!! Couldn't help but cry
    6/8/2017 Anatomy Scan proves ITS A GIRL! 
    10/30/17 An angel was Born; Riley Charlize 7:50 AM my heart is so full
    *Praying that 3 is our charm*

  • Wow! I'm so sorry they were so awful to you :( No excuse for their behavior at all! 
  • Oh, hun! I'm so sorry for that they did to you! This is awful people could be so insensitive and cruel! Moreover doing nothing helpful when you need it the most..I'm sorry.
    Our journey with the clinic differs absolutely. We passed DE IVF in Ukraine. The staff was friendly and understanding. I could call them every time I was feeling confused or just nervous about sth. And I always got answers! This is so important to have such support while passing treatment. It really gives strength..
    Have you thought to change the clinic? You cannot go on with them feeling like that definitely. Sending lots of gentle hugs to you <3

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