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TTC baby number two!

So my husband and I have been ttc for about a month. I'm not due for my period for another week and a half. I have been crampy and sustain smell have been making my gag. I don't remember any of this happening before finding out I was pregnant with my son. Did anyone else have this? Sorry if this seams like a dumb question lol. I literally can't remember what I felt before my first. 

Re: TTC baby number two!

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    Yes! When I was pregnant the smell of certain things made me sick to my stomach, the smell of tide laundry detergent was the worst one. Best of luck to you. Fingers crossed! 
  • Thank you! My husband kissed me after eating salad, and I literally just gaged. It never bothered me before. And TMI, but I'm super gassy lol. So we will see I guess. 
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  • I have started gagging and being turned off by the strangest smells recently, but I'm definitely not pregnant. FX for you!
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  • I had the gagging and smell sensitivity, but not until week 6 or 7,but it's different for everyone!  Good luck!
  • I took a test and there is a super light line! However, I'm not due to start my period till the first. And I read about these tests(up and up brand from target) that they are very common for having a false negative. So I'm going to wait to take another one. Anyone else taken those and gotten the same thing? 
  • I'm not familiar with that brand, but if there's a faint line isn't that a positive result? I think false positives are pretty rare... congratulations may be in order! Please keep us posted :)
  • @GinaReed have you tested or had any other symptoms
  • @ShortStuff5 I took two more test and they are negative. I was supposed to start my period on the first, and have yet to do that. I'm still cramping. Sense I have only had one period, I'm not too sure how long I should wait to get my second one. I think if I don't get it within the next week I'll probably test again. I just don't want to have to stress about being pregnant or getting pregnant. So I'm going to try to not think about it. 
  • If you read the test after the time frame (usually 10 min max), it was probably an indent line or an evaporation line. If you were able to turn a test then, you would have been able to turn the next 2 tests you took. I've been getting my period since March and it's still irregular so you might just have to wait it out more. I'd still test once a week until a positive or AF!
  • I forgot to post, but I started my period
  • Trying is half the fun part! Good luck!
  • I'm currently 26ish days late... 
    I really hope I'm just super stressed.. I'm not ready for baby number 2
  • I'm 8 days late and pretty sure it's just that my body isn't regular yet ive only had one period since birth last month. My husband and I have had unprotected sex because we would love another baby but I'm certain I'm not pregnant.
  • I'm currently two days late - glad to see I'm not alone!  I really strongly doubt I'm pregnant (we've been using condoms and haven't had sex very much anyway.)  But I had kind of a mini panic attack this morning thinking about the finances and logistics (and potential health issues for me and baby - my thyroiditis is still uncontrolled), if I did end up pregnant right now, which is kind of hilarious because I've been having baby fever like crazy, and I guess the cure for that is a late period sometimes!  Ha!
  • I am also currently 3 days late. I have been regular since DD was 2ish months. We have been using condoms so if I am pregnant it would be a bit of a surprise. We did want another one but the plan was to wait until DD was 3. I know what you mean @maureenmce with the mini panic attack. I haven't tested yet just because I'm a bit nervous if it's positive but I just picked up some cheapie tests and will test in the morning if AF doesn't show up by then. 
  • I have been regular since 2 months PP. this month I was 5 days late....had just purchased a test to take in the morning and started that night. Haha couldn't agree more about the mini panick Attack helping with my baby fever!
  • I'm currently 26ish days late... 
    I really hope I'm just super stressed.. I'm not ready for baby number 2
    26 days late? Sounds to me like it's time to POAS...........................


    I've been in denial lol!!! 
    I took your threat, and went to the store and purchased one... I'll keep you updated. I hope it's stress.. *rocks back and forth*
  • @carlyhammond ammond If you haven't been regular again yet, it's possible you're not exactly late. Just pee on it!
  • The suspense is killing me! 
  • @kraane - Oh wow!!  Keep us posted with the more expensive test!

    So, for me, I am so mad at the stupid Glow app.  I've been using it to track my period and I just realized that it was saying I should have started on the 24th day of my cycle instead of the 28th.  So, I wasn't 2 days late at all!  However, today is the day I'm really supposed to start (day 28) and no signs of AF yet.  But it's annoying, because now I'm all panicky because I feel 4 days late, even though I'm not!  Stupid app.  Though I would love to just get my period already for peace of mind! 
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    @maureenmce that's frustrating...technology sometimes

    I took one this morning and negative. Still no period at 6 days late. I guess I will wait a few days and test again, if I can wait that long. 
  • It seems a lot of us are "late" this month. Does anyone know if there's somethings in particular that's going on with hormones at 7-8 months post partum? It's strange that so many of us we regular until this month. 
  • @kraane - have your cycles been regular?  Have you missed a period at all since your LO was born?  I still have no signs of AF (which means I'm really one day late) but my cycles have been kind of off (only 21 days last month, longer some months) so I'm trying not to panic.  I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative, but I may test again if I don't get AF by Sunday, which would be day 31 of my cycle.
  • @maureenmce they have been quite regular since about 2 months pp. Last month it came 2 days early but even accounting for that I am late still. I think if AF doesn't show up by Sunday I will test again too! I am trying desperately not to symptom spot and just wait to POAS. 
    @Becky012016 it does seem odd that lots of us are late. Maybe there is something going on hormone wise. 

  • @maureenmce what was your outcome? 
    Still no AF for me. I took a test this morning and a faint line showed up at the 10 minute mark so it could be an evap line I guess. I will try to wait until the end of the week and test again if still no AF. Maybe it's just one crazy long cycle. I wish I could know either way. 
  • @kraane I finally got AF this morning - so day 31 of my cycle. After a 21 day cycle last month it felt like foreeeever.  I think my body must still be getting in a rhythm.  Hope you find out for sure either way soon!  
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