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  • All updated. PSA--I'm on vacation without internet through labor day (for real, not in the way people lie on their work out-of-office emails) so I won't be able to update until I get back. Thinking I can maybe unlock the spreadsheet soon...
    TTC since June 2016
    BFP on July 22, 2016 (12 DPO)
    EDD April 2, 2017

    Gave birth to baby girl M on April 3, 2017

  •  AverageAsh said:
    Lurking from March***

    You guys, if you have the time to be arguing over the intellectual property of a flipping spreadsheet you might be being kind of petty. It's a spreadsheet. It's not that serious.
    I don't think the concern is with the "intellectual property" of the spreadsheet but that someone accidentally deleted it. 
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  • @catem07 Will you please add my information:

    Due date: 4.5.17
    Age: 37
    Location: MT
    Singleton, twins, or more: Singleton
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out): Finding out (Panorama)
    Baby's name: TBD
    Prenatal vitamins: MegaFood Women's One Daily
    Favorite apps: BMP
    High-risk diagnosis: RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss)
    Baby's birthdate: ?
    Other children: Puppy daughter, Boo (6.5 y/o Greyhound/Husky/mutt cross)

    Thanks so much!
  • Good morning! New here! Can you add me?

    Due date 4/6/17
    Age 30
    Location St. Louis
    Singleton, twins, or more Singleton
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out) Finding out
    Baby's name TBD
    Prenatal vitamins Nature Made w/ DHA
    Favorite apps The Bump, Ovia
    High-risk diagnosis High risk, Hypothyroid, post-uterine rupture. Third cesarean. 
    Other children DD 12, DS 8
    Alyssa (30) & DH (36)
    DD (12), DS (8). 
    Baby Boy EDD 4/6/17. 
  • Looking to be added!

    Due date 4/23
    Age 37
    Location NY
    Assuming Singleton
    Team Green (if I can hold out)
    Baby's Name TBD
    Prenatals CitraNatal Assure
    Favorite Apps TB
    High Risk Diagnoses See age
    Other Children DS 2


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  • HappyAnjelHappyAnjel
    500 Love Its 100 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    edited September 2016
    Due Date: April 7th
    Age: 30
    Location: MA
    #: singleton 
    Team: Finding out
    Babys name: TBD
    Prenatal: Flintstones complete
    High Risk: not currently
    Apps: TB
    Babys birthday: whenever s/he comes!
    Other Children: DD 4 years old
    Abbygirl 5/2012
    Baby Boy due 04/07/17
  • I was also hoping to be added!!  Thanks :)

    Due date - April 22nd
    Age - 31
    Location - IA
    Singleton, twins, or more- Singleton
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out) - Finding out
    Baby's name - Unkown
    Prenatal vitamins = Nature Made with DHS
    Favorite apps - 
    High-risk diagnosis - none
    Baby's birthdate
    Other children  - no other children
  • Due date: April 12th
    Age: 27
    Location: TX
    Singleton, twins, or more: Assuming singleton
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out): finding out
    Baby's Name: ?
    Prenatal vitamins: vitafusion prenatal gummies
    Favorite apps: TB
    High-risk diagnosis: none
    Baby's birthdate: ?
    Other children: DS-8 & DD-1 (just turned one a couple days ago)

    thanks for the add! :)
  • Not sure if I just put this here or if I need to add to spreadsheet myself? I'm on mobile so I don't see the spreadsheet, but will be happy to add it later! 

    Due date: April 7th
    Age: 31
    Location: Kansas 
    Team Finding Out, come on November! 
    Baby's name: no clue! 
    Prenatal vitamins: Prenate 
    Favorite apps: Ovia and TB 
    High-risk diagnosis: none 
    Baby's birthdate: TBD 
    Other children: none
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  • Don't forget to update the spreadsheet as you learn more about your little baby/babies! I know many of us are starting to have ultrasounds or have already had one, but there are still many people listed on the spreadsheet as "Assuming Singleton." Also, if your EDD has changed, update that too! 
    Me: 29 DH: 33
    Married: 5/30/2013
    DSS #1: 5/25/2007
    DSS #2: 1/22/2011
    DS #3: 7/8/2012
    BFP: 3/14/2016 ~ MC: 3/19/2016
    DS #4: 4/21/17
  • what is this for?
  • Just a spreadsheet to keep all of our info in one spot and organized. If you want to find someone with the same due date as you, bam! Here it is. If you want to find someone that lives in your state, bam! All the amazing MOMs, bam! Its just a nice little reference chart.
    Me: 29 DH: 33
    Married: 5/30/2013
    DSS #1: 5/25/2007
    DSS #2: 1/22/2011
    DS #3: 7/8/2012
    BFP: 3/14/2016 ~ MC: 3/19/2016
    DS #4: 4/21/17
  • Added my info :smiley:
    TTC Numero uno since 01/13
    Me 31, DH 32, Married 08/08
    02/13/15-HSG-All Clear
    07/25/15-50mg Clomid CD3-7+IUI #1 cd14-3 Follicles; SA 21Mill- BFN
    08/19/15-25mg Clomid CD3-7+IUI #2 cd15-just ovulated, SA 42Mill- BFN
    09/10/15-25mg Clomid CD3-7+IUI #3 cd14-2 Follicles; SA 45Mill- BFN
    01/26/16-IVF#1-Follistim 200IU CD2-CD9, Ganirelix CD6-CD10, hCG 5000IU CD10
    ER 02/05-20 Retrieved - 11 Matured, 9 Fertilized, ET 2/10 (1 Transferred, 4 Frz) - BFP 2/19, M/C-3/5-Trisomy 16
    06/15/16-Endometrial Biopsy-Negative
    06/21/16-IVF #2-BCP CD3-23, Lupron 10IU CD18-CD2, 5IU-CD13, Gonal-F 225IU CD3-13, hCG 5000IU,
    ER 07/14-14 Retrieved,11 Matured, 10 Fertilized, ET 07/19 (2 Transferred, 6 Frz), BFP 7/28, 8/16 U/S-TWINS! 
    Due Date - April 6, 2017  UPDATED March 23, 2017
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  • Oh, cool...got it!
  • Due date: April 25
    Age: 38
    Location: Texas
    Team Finding Out
    Baby's name: not sure
    Prenatal vitamins: NatureMade
    Favorite apps: Ovia and TB 
    High-risk diagnosis: high blood pressure, asthma, my age
  • Could someone add me to the spreadsheet?? 
    I am currently only mobile and can't get it to open!

    Due date: April 23, 2017
    Age: 27
    Location: Farmtown Illinois
    Singleton, twins, or more: don't know yet
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out): Green
    Baby's name: Don't have any yet!
    Prenatal vitamins: The gummy ones
    Favorite apps
    High-risk diagnosis
    Baby's birthdate
    Other children: 1 DD Oct14

  • @catem07 can you add my info please!

    Due date- 04/05/17
    Age- 41 :o
    Location- Arizona
    Singleton, twins, or more - singleton 
    Team (green, blue, pink, finding out)-unknown at this time
    Baby's name- Issachar if boy/Unknown for girl
    Prenatal vitamins - VitaFusion Prenatal Vitamin Gummy
    Favorite apps- none
    High-risk diagnosis - yes cervical insufficiency
    Baby's birthdate- 
    Other children- 0 
    Me: 40
    DH: 51
    Married 15 years
    Pregnancies 4
    Children 0, 1 miscarriage, 2 stillborn :'(
    Expected #4 due 04/06/17
  • It won't let me update from my phone but we are team blue!
    Abbygirl 5/2012
    Baby Boy due 04/07/17
  • Only a small part of the spreadsheet is coming up for me.  I only see like 12 names on there.  Did part of it get erased or is my computer being janky?
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    Married: 12-04-06 
    Annabelle: 1-1-08
    Patrick: 8-15-10
    EDD: 4-20-17
  • @Beckyf321 Someone went in and was sorting to find a specific set of criteria and didn't unsort before leaving the spreadsheet. All fixed! :)
    Me: 29 DH: 33
    Married: 5/30/2013
    DSS #1: 5/25/2007
    DSS #2: 1/22/2011
    DS #3: 7/8/2012
    BFP: 3/14/2016 ~ MC: 3/19/2016
    DS #4: 4/21/17
  • Thanks, @KirstenH88!  I not tech savvy at all and couldn't figure out what was wrong.  LOL
    BabyFetus Ticker
    Married: 12-04-06 
    Annabelle: 1-1-08
    Patrick: 8-15-10
    EDD: 4-20-17
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