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Very TMI

When my daughter was born I got second degree tears had to have stitches. Well last night my husband and I were making love and he went to go deeper and I felt my skin tear apart. It hurt and burned I'm only slightly able to see it contorting my body and holding a mirror down there. My husband didn't believe me at first till I looked in a mirror and went in and said it really did tear and had him look he said there was just a little blood I sprayed it with Dermoplast. My question is do you think I should call the Gyno on Monday and just see what I should do and whether I need to worry about it. My daughters head was very big she was 8 lbs 6 oz never thought I'd have that big of a baby but she takes after her daddy and her head got stuck so they vacuume assisted her out things have not been right down there since it still hurts on the inside when we have sex. Can't believe this happened 

Re: Very TMI

  • I would call the dr if it happened to me. Good luck! Hope everything is ok.
  • I would definitely call your doctor. If nothing else, you don't want to risk any infection or for it to happen again in the future. I can't imagine how much that hurt. Hope everything is ok! 
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  • I would call definitely couldn't hurt to get it checked out! I also had a second degree tear that required tons of stitches and still occasionally feel your pain literally  :| I hope you start feeling better soon I know how discouraging and frustrating it is! 
  • Wow, that sounds awful.  I also had a big boy (8.13) that had to be vacuumed out, so there was tons of tearing.  It's occasionally still uncomfortable, but nothing like that.  Hopefully the dr has some good advice for preventing it from happening again
  • I also had a big boy and pushed for 2 hours. I had a second degree tear with stitches and still have lots of pain when being intimate. Hope you start feeling better!!
  • Definitely see a doctor.  But I would also suggest in addition to see a Pelvic Floor physio. They can help you manage the scar tissue and any pain you are having related to your pelvic floor! 
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  • For sure call your doctor! I also had vacuum assisted with lots of tearing, and therefore stitches, with my big girl (9lb 4oz). My doctor was midly concerned when I still had a bit of sensitive scar tissue at 6 weeks. For a rip to happen after this long, would make me wonder if things healed properly in the first place. Get it checked out. It's not like they'll make it worse. 
  • I'm curious what the dr says! I pushed for 4 hrs and had 2 second degree tears. It was 4 months PP before I felt comfortable getting back in the sack. Of course things feel different now, but I felt something odd last week. We were trying something new and when he went to go deeper, it hurt so bad! Like everything was fine, then I guess it rubbed where one of the tears was. Not gonna be trying that position again!
  • Well I didnt call i debated it alot but from what I could see with a mirror there wasnt much going on and it isn't sore or hurting anymore. It must have been a slight tear or alot of stretching with micro tears I think I'm just going to bring it up to her at next visit and see what she says. I really did want to call her but it's not hurting and like I said I can't see much down there.

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