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Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant complainers *vent*

I would post this in 3rd tri but maybe im over reacting.

The amount of posts about people complaining about no sleep bc of being uncomfortable or "can't wait for this to be over" or "I'm fed up".

Seriously? ! Yes preg is uncomfortable at times.  I am currently 37 weeks. I've been here before and suffered loss. (40weeks)

Some women make it like their pregnancy is the worst EVER , like no one else has ever been preg.

imagine getting no sleep bc u lost your baby! Or fed up feeling so sad all the time after ur baby died. 

Ugggh . Some women would give anything to feel those "horrible" moments.



Re: Pregnant complainers *vent*

  • First, I'm so sorry for your devastating loss. I can only imagine your level of anxiety right now. Lots of love. I am also having a hard time with this. Pregnancy isn't easy. But it's SO SO SO much harder after a loss that I just...cannot. I've found that I have to remove myself from places where I'll see stuff like this that triggers me if I'm at a particularly vulnerable time (i.e.: the past 4 months since I lost my baby). I can't control what other people are saying and they have their right to vent, so I try to basically avoid soical media or mute and block pregnant people. It seems extreme but I gotta protect myself! My particular trigger is when someone has their baby and everyone is like "yay! You're not pregnant any more!" I lost my baby after 5 months of pregnancy. I would have LOVED to continue to be pregnant.


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  • I'm sorry for your loss. We lost our second daughter last fall at 31 weeks.

    I totally agree with you. I hate when people complain about baby movement and say it hurts or feels weird. I know what it feels like for that movement to suddenly stop. Also people who want their babies to come early because they're "soooo done" being pregnant. I want to scream at them to let their babies grow! 

    I think after a loss we approach pregnancy totally different. 


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  • Sorry for your loss. I've had 2 early losses. I now have a 9 week old daughter. I never once complained. I had mthfr, GD, 10 weeks of bedrest. I had to take 13 pills a day plus give myself shots and test my sugar level 4 times a day since 14 weeks. As hard as it was sometimes I never complained because with out all that stuff I wouldn't have a perfectly healthy daughter.... Even now with a bulging disc and pinched nerves (no feeling in my left thigh) basically crippled most days and PT twice a week all thanks to labor lol I try not to complain. 
  • Thanks ladies. I also extend my thoughts to you all. Infant loss and/or miscarriage is devastating and totally disrupts your entire being.

    Even now, after 10 months after our loss and 37 weeks into this pregnancy,  it definitely doesn't get easier. :( 


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    Sorry I have to disagree. I also had a late loss, at 38 wks. So I know the feeling you have BUT I personally do not enjoy being pregnant one bit. If surrogates weren't so expensive, I would be looking into one. Pregnancy for me is hard. Last pregnancy I was sick the entire pregnancy not just 1st trimester. So I was naseous for 9 mos on top of other symptoms. Sometimes you want to vent about what you're going through. There are even some women in my birth month club who went through IVF and feel guilty about complaining. It is amazing what our bodies can do to bring a human into the world but not all of it glamorous. If you're not complaining every day, doesn't bother me. 
  • It bothers me a lot. And it doesn't dnd with birth! Some people then continue to complain about infant needs and lack of sleep, etc. Some people are just unhappy and complainers. I try to svoid them in all aspects of my life. Not only is it a negative perspective, it's inconsiderate to those who would give anything for a baby that doesn't sleep all night. 

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  • you can be both exhausted / constantly nauseous /suffer multiple complications and not "like" being PG *and* be thankful you are PG. 

    just like you can be exhausted / at your wit's end with a toddler/teenager child and still love them and be thankful for them. 

    you can be thankful for your spouse and get mad at them too. 

    I wouldn't assume a woman who has had M/S 24/7 for 16 weeks can't complain. that's not fair. 

    but I really do get annoyed with the women who are ready to have the kid at 37 weeks because they are "full term". just chill out! pet peeve for sure. 

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