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Clexane injections Tips and Tricks

I had a number of miscarriages for no apparent reason a few years ago. So now while i am pregnant now and everything is normal doctors still want me to use clexane injections to avoid any risk whatsoever. These injections scared the hell out of me especially because the last time i had them before a miscarriage, my doctor was horrible and absolutely no help and the injections were different and the nurse who injected me had a very heavy hand so i had a tonne of bruising all over my stomach in just a week before i miscarried. This time round i was much prepared and my doctor and nurse are God sends too. I googled hundreds of answers for tips and tricks to inject myself with clexane and i have been doing so for over 10 days without hurting and bruising and so i decided to share all the tips here in case someone's going through a horrible time with them. Please feel free to copy paste at any other website forum wherever you think it might be of help.
First up, choose a very fatty area for injection. I am tall and thin all over except my thighs. They are very fat and finally a blessing for these injections. I inject at the very top front of my thighs. Like just below where the stomach/thigh cleft ends. I make sure the injection is at room temperature. So i take it out of the fridge and leave it around for a good 15 20 minutes. I wipe the thigh area where i plan to inject with an alcohol wipe and let it dry. Make sure the area is absolutely dry. Give it a good minute before injecting. Then open the injection and check the needle. If there is a drop of the medicine flick it away. Make sure the needle has NO drops of medicine on it. Pinch a small amount of fat (no muscle) with one hand. With the other hand hold the injection like you would hold a pen between your fore finger and middle finger with your thumb on the plunger. Steady your hand. Point the needle's pointy end (the opening should be on top; facing towards you) on the skin and inject the needle in a firm but quick motion. The more you hesitate or feel scared the more it will hurt and the needle is not supposed to hurt. If injecting the needle hurts take it out. You are probably doing something wrong or have hit some nerves. Grab another fatty area and go again. The needle should be at around a 70 degree angle. Not 90 degrees not exactly flat either. The breaking of the skin with the needle part should feel like a tiny pinch nothing more. The needle going in shouldn't hurt. Once it's fully in, press the plunger slowly. The medicine going in will sting. But that's just the medicine; not your fault. So the slower you inject the more tolerable. Remember needle should be injected firm and fast, medicine slowly. Once all the medicine is injected, pull out the needle and release the fat from the other hand. DO NOT TOUCH THE INJECTED AREA. like absolutely leave it alone for 3 minutes. It's going to sting a bit because of the medicine but do not touch or rub it at all. If you do, you will bruise and the bruise will take over a week to go away and will hurt till then. So absolutely don't touch the area. If you have done it right, the sting is quite bearable. Have something on hand to distract you if you find it difficult. Otherwise believe me its not difficult at all. Wear loose clothing to prevent the area from being rubbed all day long too. If you are like me who needs to inject for months on end then chances are your skin will get sensitive because of so many injections, bruises or no bruises. So wear airy light fabric pants. 
I hope this helps. Please let me know if it did or if you need more help. I will be more than happy too. I was terrified of these injections and all of the forums and everything helped me so much. I want to do the same for others.

Re: Clexane injections Tips and Tricks

  • @Ridsa Thank you! I am ttc after a late term loss due to incompetent cervix and then chorio and ALSO have +Antiphospholipid antibodies. I had horrible bruising from heparin in the hospital with my loss and am worried how well I'll tolerate injections with my next pregnancy. I did notice sometimes it hurt a lot when the nurses injected me and others didn't. It's been 4 months and I can still see 3 of the spots! (I would never have believed it if it didn't happen to me) I'll need to do injections my whole next pregnancy so I will definitely try your technique!
  • That is a helpful post, brings back memory of how bruised everywhere I was last time I took them (but the result is so worth all the pain) 
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