35 weeker food question

Dd was born 20 minutes into week 35 due to severe pre-e. We were fortunate to only spend 5 days in the nicu and she has been a champion nurser. Fast forward to now, she just turned 6 months so 5 adjusted and the doctor is wanting us to start solid food. She has zero interest. We have tried purées and tried baby led weaning because that's what we did with ds and she just screams and cries either way. She is only 13 pounds and is exclusively BF. 

Should we we keep trying or is this something we need to adjust for her age? Could being preemie or the feeding tube have anything to do with it or it is just her? Ds was obsessed with food by an early age so this is new territory for us. He also has tons of food allergies so we are trying f avoid them with her if possible.

Re: 35 weeker food question

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    Its just new to her  because. My twins had a feeding tube for about a week and a half almost 2 so i doubt that has anything to do with it.. My "twin A" took to purees the first try @ 5.5 months(4 months adjusted)while "twin B" took an extra 2 weeks @ 6 months(4.5 months adjusted.) they were born 6 weeks early @ 33.&5

    Just keep trying. Twin B would spit out anything & everything & would turn his head,took him 2 weeks but he got there. They have to learn how to get the food to the back of their throats & swallow. Some preemies tend to take longer to learn how to eat solids. Dont give up. Try everyday, every meal. But dont force it. Try giving a spoonful maybe 3 times each meal before stopping. Ley me know how it goes. Good luck!
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