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Anyone Have Late BFP After IUI?

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I have PCOS and I had my first IUI 2 weeks ago (8/2). I used Follistim to ovulate and the Ovidrel trigger shot on Sunday night. I am also on progesterone suppositories so I haven't started a period. I got a BFN on Monday and Tuesday morning (Days 14 and 15). I have read online that some people don't get a BFP until day 18 or later. Has that happened to anyone here? Am I holding out hope for yet another failed month?

Re: Anyone Have Late BFP After IUI?

  • Hey! I also did an IUI and I tested negative on day 13 and then positive on 15. I also started bleeding on day 14 and assumed it was my period, so I was in utter shock when I got the call from my doctor about the positive test. I would say it's definitely still possible that it could have been successful! Good luck! 
  • Thank you! I tested this morning at 18 days post IUI and still negative. So we are stopping the progesterone, I just reordered more Follistim and Ovidrel and am now awaiting the next cycle for our second IUI. Thank you again for the help and encouraging words.
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