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12 months, not clapping, waving, or showing how big he is

My son is a week away from 12 months and he isn't showing any interest in mocking anything. He doesn't clap, wave or when we ask how big he is, won't put his hands up. We have been trying for over a month and he just doesn't pay attention hardly or try. He can 'clap' with two toys in his hands because he loves to bang them together, but won't bring his hands together if they are free of toys. I know all babies do things at different paces, but is there an age where this might be worrisome? TIA!
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Re: 12 months, not clapping, waving, or showing how big he is

  • Short answer: Don't worry yet!!

    Long answer: My son wouldn't do any of that either by 12 months except some very minor waving activity. No words, no sign that he would listen to anything I said, no pointing/clapping, despite constantly showing him how. He just turned 15 months yesterday and wow have things changed. He listens (as much as a toddler can listen), follows minor directions, talking more, waving, clapping, pointing, and eating with a spoon. I believe if they aren't starting to do these things between the 15-18 month mark then it becomes more worrisome but at 12 months I wouldnt (even though I did!). Just keep an eye on it for now and still bring it up to his pediatrician but it's probably 100% normal.
  • My LO is about to be 14 months, for reference. He was into waving for awhile and has since stopped. I guess it's no longer interesting. Right now he's really into opening his fist and showing his palm. Regarding clapping, I believe I read in What to Expect: Year 1 that banging 2 things together (like while holding blocks or other toys in their hands) "counts" for clapping. FWIW, that is how my LO initially started clapping, first it was just while holding things and now it's clapping with hands.

    There's no way my LO is anywhere close to showing how big he is if you were to ask him. Did not know that was something there were expected to do this young. 
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  • my little one is 13 months and does a few things but there have been milestones at every age that she's skipped over or ignored. I've just tried to do a variety of things, instead of fixating on the suggestions listed in whatever book I read it out of. Like she doesn't do the sooo big thing, and she'll barely wave (only at inanimate objects, or people when they aren't looking, lol, never ever when prompted) but she'll do other things like turn a page in a book when I ask, or sit down in the tub when I ask, so I think the basic skills are there. I wouldn't worry.
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