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Pumping- breast shield size

sorry if this has been discussed already, I haven't been on this forum in a few months but... Here goes:
so when I started pumping I had to get the XL size breast shields. The mediums that it came with were too small and incredibly painful. I have to pump every day for my LOs daycare bottle the next day. It can take over an hour to get 3 oz, when it used to take maybe 20-30 mins to get 5. I tried power pumping, I tried new membranes, etc. then I realized (it just hit me after a good couple of months) that my breast shields were pulling my areola in and making a gulping noise and that that should not be happening. So I switched today back to the medium size and they fit PERFECTLY. And I got 3 oz in about 30 mins! My question is if this happened to anyone else? Did my nipples shrink? Will I finally get my boobs back to how they were?! I'm still in the same bra size (I think? I don't have any bras that fit "right" so idk) but I'm just so confused about how I could go from an XL to a M in nipple size. Thanks to anyone who kept reading this lol. 

Re: Pumping- breast shield size

  • When I first started pumping, I needed a smaller size than I'm using now.  I'm not sure why that would change, but apparently it can.  My breast size hasn't changed between now and then either
  • Mine did the same thing! I'm not sure why the sudden change
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  • I have no idea, but I used Pumpin' Pals, so it didn't matter that much. A standard pumping kit comes with 3 sizes, so I assume it is not only possible, but common. During the course of a day, my breasts can go from "normal" to "extra large" depending on how long it has been since LO has eaten.
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  • This happened to me as well. In the very beginning I used the small size but once my milk supply really ramped up (mostly EP) I switched to medium and stayed until my supply and boobs sorta leveled out. I switched back to small after that.
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