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My heart hurts

Hello, went for an ultrasound today 12 weeks,8 days to follow up on abnormal Paneroma results... The Paneroma suspected tripliody or vanishing twin. 
My ultrasound was perfect, baby measuring above average, beautiful nuctal translucency, no defects, good heartbeat....

Then comes the bad news.... I have abnormal cells in part of my placenta, they think its either the tripliody or a molar pregnancy.... I'm going for a CVS test to confirm the result... This is awful, I keep on holding on hope that everything will work it's self out but the doctors are not hopeful...  I feel it was worse seeing the baby today and holding on hope for a healthy pregnancy... They say the molar can cause cancer and that we have to wait a year to try to conceive. .I'm heartbroken...This is me and DH first baby, and I am 33 years old... What's worse now is that he's out of state for a training and we don't have each other to grieve with.

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Re: My heart hurts

  • So sorry to hear what you are going through. Maybe try and FaceTime or something so you two don't feel so disconnected. We are all here for you you. You'll be in my thoughts.
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    I am so sorry :(
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  • I'm so sorry you are going this. Keep holding out hope that it's not what they think it is because you never know. You will be in my t&p. Xoxo

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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. I went through this exact situation 9 months ago when we found at at 12 week U/S that the panorama test was indeed correct and we had a Triploidy pregnancy with a partial molar placenta.
    Had to have HCGs checked weekly then monthly for 6 months. Just recently been TTC again, but without luck.

  • I am so so sorry
  • Thanks everyone- As an update I was given good news from my CVS test... This has been a roller coaster and a total turn around from last week where I was basically told to terminate my pregnancy. If you, or anyone you know, gets a high risk on a NIPT please always get a second opinion...

    Thanks again for all your support!  <3

    DD angel baby 10/16 <3
    Rainbow Due 02/20/18

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