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Bug Smash

Ugh story. We live in the country with soy beans on three sides of us and corn across the street. So needless to say, we have bugs. Once it got really hot out, a lot of crickets found their way in. I really, really, really hate jumping bugs. Since we've try to kill everyone we see, LO thinks it is cool. She has even pretended to smash a bug a few different times. Anyway, today I noticed a dead cricket in the kitchen that looked like it had been pulled apart... I'm not sure if she has eaten any bits but she is acting normal. I'm really upset that she picked it up from us.

Re: Bug Smash

  • Oh mama, don't feel bad. Our babies are at the stage where they see everything we do, take it in and do it themselves. I'm glad she is okay and acting normal, believe it or not there's people who eat crickets so I'm sure it's a healthy thing to eat lol perhaps she just grabbed it mama and played with it or maybe she didn't even touch it and just stepped on it. Don't worry mama, everything will be fine, eventually she will learn that we don't eat bugs. My baby boy loves to play with almost everything he finds on the floor, so I always have to constantly check the floor lol as he grows I will teach him that not everything will have to be tried lol cheer up mama! You are doing good! God bless! 
  • Mine decided that potting soil looked delish over the weekend.  Poison control says he'll be fine, no lasting harm, but we've had three days of runny diapers as a result of baby's taste testing experience.  Beware of when they get too quiet!  No good comes from a mobile toddler who has gone quiet.  Nena is right. Crickets are considered a delicacy in Asia.  You can even get chocolate covered crickets for dessert, so I'm sure baby will be just fine.
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  • Crickets are eaten around the world, but they are cooked first. They can carry disease just like any creature. Anyway, she has also shown interest in rocks lately. Probably going to be a rock collector like her dada. She has tried a few times to put them in her mouth. Thankfully I don't think any have made it. Lol. 

    @mrssylvester,I hope your boy starts feeling better. Runs are never fun. 
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