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The Monotony of Life...

Does anyone else feel like they do the same thing. All day, everyday?

I seriously know what my day is going to be like down do the exact minute and its getting to be really depressing. 

I try to make little daily changes like taking LO to the park one day, going in the pool one day. I just cant seem to get out of this funk. 

Im in the process of looking for a job and that is really making me anxious. Before we moved here i had an amazing job that i loved and my schedule worked perfectly for the lifestyle I wanted and im atarting to het really discouraged. 

Im really starting to regret our move and resent DH. And I dont know if its just because im in this funk. 

How do you ladies add variety to your days? Also keep in mind at the moment my car is not on the road. So im stuck as far as going anywhere. 

P.s. i know i have a lot of vents on here and i appreciate the time anyone takes to read them. This adjusting to moving thing has been so much harder than i thought it would be. 

Re: The Monotony of Life...

  • Find something you enjoy for nap times. I was finding myself down a lot with the days home, even visiting people wasn't enough knowing I'd be back at it the next day. Now I try to do puzzles during nap time or if he's in his high chair calmly playing. It gives me some time for myself focused on something other than housework
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    @midge519 thanks for the suggestion!! I think i actually have some coloring books packed somewhere. Ill give those a try! Housework is pretty much what i do since  were staying with my inlaws now and their home is..how shoud i say...borderline hoarder. Not nasty dirty but cluttered and chaotic. 

    Maybe some time doing something just for me, even as simple as coloring will boost my mood :) 
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  • I've been really feeling this way as well.  My husband is a homebody so once the weekend rolls around he wants to stay home and get stuff done around the house and yard (we live on a large acreage so it takes quite a bit of work) and all I want to do is escape the house and go and do something.  I have made a goal of getting out twice a week (not including grocery trips) to explore or visit or something.  This week we are going swimming tomorrow with friends, Thursday going to the beach, just the two of us.  I have started crafting a bit while my boy sleeps or is content playing alone,  I like sewing and have a bunch of friends having babies this winter so it's fun to make gifts.  Ive been hitting up Pinterest for new ideas as well.  Sunshine and exercise always make me feel a bit better!
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  • Could you plan a little stay-cation for an upcoming weekend? Maybe you and your DH could go to a local hotel for a night. You could order pizza and maybe go for a swim in the pool, then have breakfast in the morning. You could take LO with you or maybe your In Laws could watch him over night. You'd really only be gone from maybe 5pm until 11am. 

    My DH and I do this every once in a while. Usually about $90 for the hotel room, but its something to look forward to and is a fun little get away. Not as stressful though because we're still in town so we can go home to the LO at a moments notice if needed.
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