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Tooth care

Now that our LO's are getting their teeth, what's everyone doing to care for them?  Our 6 month appt was really rushed and I just realized I forgot to ask about that.

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  • I'm curious about this too. :)
  • We have no teeth yet but I'm curious. My husband asked me today if we should be cleaning her gums... I didnt think of it
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  • I use the banana baby tooth brush (I got mine from Amazon). She has 2 bottom teeth and I just brush them for a few seconds each night. It's also a teether so she loves chewing on it! 
  • @JanuarysBaby1 we have that same teether.  It never occurred to me to actually brush his teeth with it!
  • We use a little baby toothbrush and LO loves it! We usually do it right before bedtime
  • No teeth here yet but with my first we started brushing as soon as he got his first tooth. We also get fluoride drops because our water supply isn't fluoridated.
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    I've been wondering about this too! I just read an ADA sponsored site that says to wipe the gums starting at birth (whoops, missed the boat on that one already lol) and to brush with a small smear of fluoride toothpaste as soon as they have teeth. It also says to floss as soon as they have teeth that touch (!).. don't see us doing that anytime soon but I did buy a little teether brush that I'm sure he'll like to chew on. However, all the baby/kids toothpaste I saw is fluoride free (I know they do this for toddlers so that they don't just swallow a ton of it) so do I just use a very small smear of regular toothpaste or should it be "kids" with fluoride? 

    ETA: I too forgot to ask about this at the 6 month visit
  • We have always just used a small amount of our regular fluoride toothpaste
  • Our daughter is 7 months old. We were instructed to use a fluoride toothpaste seeing as we use distilled water now that she's on formula and no longer breastfed. I use crest kids bubble gum flavor and put just a small dab ( like size of a pencil tip) on her baby toothbrush and brush away on those two bottom teeth. She enjoys it usually tries to chew the brush as I'm trying to brush. I also brush her upper gums.  I try to do it nightly before she falls asleep on us. 
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    This is what our province says to do:

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