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Sporadic Breastfeeding - Returning to Work + Older Kids

Hello! After four kids the last was my first time being successful at breastfeeding. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, it has been a major sacrifice of my time with my older kids. I am also returning to work in a few weeks. Baby is 12 weeks currently. Would it be possible for me to breastfeed when I'm able to, without having to worry about pumping or feeding on a set schedule or number of times per day? I'm okay with supplementing with formula, I just don't want to give up breastfeeding completely.

Advice or experience much appreciated!

Re: Sporadic Breastfeeding - Returning to Work + Older Kids

  • I have a friend who seems to successfully breastfeed while not at work without pumping. Everyone is different and it definitely is a supply and demand sort of situation. Pumping at work is definitely a chore! 
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    Your body should adjust so you have milk when baby feeds but don't get engorged. It will likely be trial and error to figure out what works. Take your pump to work and be prepared to pump if you need to. Think about replacing some feeds with formula now so your body has time to adjust before you return to work. 
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