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New to Jax, need OB/Hospital recommendations!

Hi ladies, I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and until now I was seen by a Fertility specialist. Now it's time to see an OB, and my RE gave me a couple recommendations but I would love to hear from other moms which hospital and OB you prefer. I live by the Town Center but I am open to be seen in downtown, the beaches, Southside etc 
I would appreciate any feedback!
37 y.o 
TTC since October 2014
DX: Unexplained fertility 
3 Failed IUI's 2015
1st IVF cycle March 2016 , planned ICSI, PGS, FET
ER 3/31/16 30 retrieved, 26 fertilized normally
Sent 8 embryos for PGS: 5 normal (3 AA, 1BA, 1BC)
FET 5/11/16 (1 embryo)
Beta 5/23/16 BFN  :(
2nd FET 6/12/16 (1 5AA embryo)
Beta 6/22/16 : BFP!!!  169 
Beta #2 6/24/16: 412
DD born 3/2/17

Re: New to Jax, need OB/Hospital recommendations!

  • I go to women's physicians of Jacksonville. They have an office in southpoint (near St Vincent's) and an office in baptist south. I LOVE them!
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