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When to start rinsing poop?

Hello all. LO is 6.5 months and just starting to get enough solids that they affect his poop. At what point did you start rinsing the poop off before washing? Our diapers are still coming out very clean but I know at some point it will be too much/too solid to just toss in the washer. Input appreciated!

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  • DS is also about 6.5 months and we started rinsing a few months ago.  I'm not sure it's necessary, but the dog was getting way too interested in the diaper pail :). I would probably start doing it sooner rather than later though.  Depending on the food he's getting at the time, some of DS's poops can be pretty solid now.   I doubt they'd fare well in the wash.
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    I'm wondering the same thing. 
  • Rinse poop diapers whenever the poop gets thicker than ebf runny poop.  Some people have to rinse formula fed baby poop even before solids are started due to the poop being too thick to dissolve in a standard diaper wash. Another indication that poop needs to be rinsed is when the poop contains bits of undigested food.  

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